kanye and taylor: 1 year later.

okay, so.  i’m not following kanye west on twitter because… i don’t know why.  probably because everybody else was so geeked about it (my number 1 rule in life is basically “if you like it, i hate it.”), and also because i couldn’t picture him saying anything beyond something along the lines of ‘IM SO GREAT!’  ‘OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW GREAT I AM?’ ‘WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE GREAT?’ ‘ITALIAN CLOTHES I CAN’T EVEN SAY LET ALONE SPELL!’  and… i was kind of right about that.  but i must say that i’ve finally found an odd appreciation for kanye’s tweets, and it’s the same appreciation that i have for 50 Tyson‘s tweets.  i kind of love the ones that are just completely batshit and make me scratch my head and say ‘….wat?’

this could have EASILY come from kanye.

but anyway, i’m still not following him, but everybody else that i follow on twitter is, and this morning they were all talking in one form or another about some speech he was tweeting, so i went over to check it out.

it was like an hour long soliloquy on the whole Taylor VMAs thing a year ago.  i read it all and had several different thoughts on it.  most of my timeline thought it was pointless/ridiculous/unnecessary, and part of me wonders if it is/was, but then again… i dunno.

i’m not against him apologizing again.  and again.  and again.  and again.  cause he needs to!  he was an asshole for what he did, and i got into plenty arguments with people over this fact in the days following the initial hilarity event.  i defended taylor from day 1… i dont know her music too well (or like her voice for that matter), but as a fellow creative, i respect her a lot, because that kid has been grinding long before anybody knew her name.  but kanye made her who she was?  HA!  um, clearly she’d done enough to beat out everybody’s favorite Creole Queen for some MTV Award.  but no, she owes her every breath to kanye.  lol gimmie a break.  kanye was wrong, and i’m all for him acknowledging that.

a lot of people on my timeline were annoyed because it’s been a year and he’s STILL talking about it.  to that, i have this to say:  if you’ve never endured anything that hasn’t still weighed on your heart/mind one year, five years, ten years after it happened, then you should fall down on your knees wherever you are and thank the heavens because that’s a blessing.  i know that my inner Bag Lady is dragging around plenty of weight from the past years that she’d love to yell about at the top of her lungs, and i’d argue that a very large portion of us do.  anad he was going through some tough shit then, i don’t think any of us would deny that.

but also… the VMAs are coming up soon.  and kanye is performing.  and kanye is an entertainer.  and entertainers need you to watch them entertain.  and one way entertainers get you to watch them entertain is by faking a suicide attempt and giving interviews on it like 1 week later conveniently around the time their album drops and 2nd season of their reality show needs some kind of drama to stay interesting doing something dramatic right before they need you to watch them entertain.  also, kanye’s a brat, and he hasn’t really had a ‘look at me’ moment in awhile.  maybe that’s what all this is.

but i’m gonna go ahead and register this as a defense of kanye.  let that man go head and lick his wounds some more or whatever it is he’s doin.  if he wants to apologize again let him.  cant hurt nothin!

(i could be defending him because everybody else is hating him right now.  ‘you like it, i hate it’ also translates as ‘you hate it, i like it.’)


One response to “kanye and taylor: 1 year later.

  1. I dislike Kanye so much that I wish I didn’t love his music. It’s like okay Kanye we get it, you’re an asshole and attention whore, on to the next one.

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