aunt bunny’s money shot.

yall know what a money shot is.  right?  it’s the moment that makes all the time spent watching or looking at something worth it.  this can range from the seminal part of a movie to the semen-al part of a skin flick (see what i did there?).  concerning young ladies who take to the pole to work their way through vet school, it’s usually a cooch shot.

and this is what you saw if you tuned in to the season premier of I Know This Aspirin Really Ain’t Gon Kill My Ass Fantasia For Real on VH1.  at the top of the hour, Fantasia decides that it’s a great idea to put her Aunt Bunny (pictured at top) in a pair of booty shorts and take her to her pole dancing class with her.  and let me just get this out of the way:  yes, i absolutely want to take a pole dancing class now.  let me also say that aunt bunny had nothing to do with this decision.  it just looks so freaking fun.  and i can only imagine how sexy id feel after that!  prancin around in heels for an hour or however long??  pssh.  you wouldn’t be able to tell my that my vajayjay aint made of 73 karat gold once i left that class.  anyway.  i digress.

so they go to the class and it’s broads spinnin and flippin and spread eaglin’ every whicha way.  then the instructor shows Tasia and Aunt Bunny a move that consisted of sliding down the pole, puttin your hands on your knees and then bussin it open for the money shot. Tasia did decently i suppose.  here’s Aunt Bunny’s money shot.

…so if the money shot, theoretically, is what brings your paycheck in, we may assume that Aunt Bunny’s performance will bring her some form of the following wages:

  • a $10 Walmart gift card
  • $8.31 and a handful of peppermints from the bottom of Sis. Odell’s good Sunday purse
  • a pack of Newports and a buy one get one free coupon for Tussy
  • some Kiss toenail french tips and a copy of ‘Vampire in Brooklyn’ on VHS
  • half a book of foodstamps
  • a 6-pack of Tab

make that money, aunt bunny.  don’t let it make you.

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6 responses to “aunt bunny’s money shot.

  1. I think I just felt myself disintegrate. I was all set to give her a $5 gift certificate to the candy lady until I peeped her pained and strange facial expression.

  2. Ms. Brokey,
    After the “money shot” reference, the 73 Karat comment, the mental imagery all summoned up from the pole dancing, I had about 1,000 Comments in mind.
    All of them would invoke an avalanche of Inbox mail to you screamin’ “2520 Fetish!” and you’d have to tell me to knock it off.

    So … I seal the lips (with a kiss) – (see what I did there?)

  3. Oh …
    and right after the 6-pack of Tab? You can add the fact I cashed in a $100 bill into $1’s. Just for Auntie Bunny. Not quite for ‘stocking’ stuffin’ …
    I’ma breakin’ out the Funky Cold Medina and Sex Panther by Odeon for THAT nite!
    I luv chocolate bunny’s …

  4. Jesus wept… iCan’t with Aunt Bunny’s facial expression!

  5. She at least deserves a can of Sportin’ Waves & some coupons for Druther’s

  6. The money shot wasn’t so terrible (at least she has no visible gun shot wounds) but the face she made was.

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