Sammy Davis Jr. on Maury!

it’s days like this that i feel so ecstatic to not have a job.

so im doin what the jobless do, right, and im in my room watching maury and fiddling with my hair when all of a sudden some lady comes on the show talkin bout how some skeezer is trying to pin a baby on her son Sammy Davis Jr.  i yelled, ‘NO FREAKING WAY!!’ and immediately ran for my camera phone bc i HAD to get some visual proof cause nobody would ever believe me.

the most awesome/terrible thing about it all:  the baby was called ‘Sammi Davis Jr., Jr.’ (word to Money Talks) and ‘Sammi Davis Jr. the third’ during the show.  LMAO

4 responses to “Sammy Davis Jr. on Maury!

  1. Was he the father?

  2. Sha-Boing BOINNNNGGG!

  3. LMAO!!! Oh how I miss my DVR…there’s so much fuckery to be missed during the day…

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