overly committed to the cause? probably.

but that’s how revolutions get done, son!  you gotta be willing to make yourself look like a damn fool bleed and die to advance!

if you follow me on the twitters, then you know that ive recently decided to get on board with No Wedding, No Womb (NWNW).  because, i dont know.  sometimes it’s easier to just go with the flow, you know?  plus i want to reap the benefits of sittin on my ass preaching and getting e-patted on my back too (validation, temporary self esteem boost, etc).

so i’m on, ladies and gennelmuns!  not only am i on board, i’m dedicated!  frightfully so!  yall know that NWNW has its own horrible theme song, right, but i thought that we needed somethin for the younger, sexier crowd, so i took a few moments and remixed everybody’s velvety favorite.

please join me, my shower voice (sans shower, which never works well), and my questionable standards as i get into this shit right here.  im singing like my rent is due and i didn’t turn enough tricks to cover it.  i get live.  i get the holy ghost at some point. my phone goes off and i dont even care.  cause im FOCUSED.

please come get you a lil tiny taste of the NWNW anthem for people who pleasure in pointing and laughing who need somethin a little smoother: “A Womb is not a House.” written–and performed–by Brokey Vandross.

now.  if your response to this is “YES!  someone else is on board with the movement!” then come on around the back, because i have a “girl, boo!” for you.  if your response is, “hey brokey, don’t quit your day job!” then, FUCK YOU BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A DAY JOB AND THAT’S VERY MEAN OF YOU TO SAY.  bastard.

if you’d like an actual educational and well-argued critique of NWNW, please visit our smarter-than-you friends at PostBourgie here.  then, if you STILL want to join us on the other side, go here.

update:  in case you can’t hear, can’t listen, or just cant understand me (complete possibility! lol), lyrics are here.

24 responses to “overly committed to the cause? probably.

  1. You know what?
    I quit the SHYT outta you right now!!!! Dammit, Brokey!!!

  2. you are a complete and utter fool.

  3. This needs a lyric sheet.

    Then a YouTube with follow-the-bouncing-ball animated overlay.

  4. This may be the most awesome parody song ever.

  5. I agree with Rhome about the lyric sheet. Between me being at work and listening to it on my iPhone w/o speakers, I couldn’t get the full “Brokey Vandross” experience. But nonetheless, I was sold before the “doh-doh-doh’s” even began.

  6. As usual, Brokey ain’t up to NO DAMN GOOD! LOL

  7. If loving this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    If you’re taking requests I’d love to hear D Train’s You’re The Womb For Me

  8. Really, “sexual chocolate” ? at the end.
    Thank you. *Running off to read lyrics*


  10. This was super awesome. This song has me lmao.


  11. My job won’t let me see the video! Damn it! Thank God for the lyrics and I’m crackin up at christielynn’s response. She really needs to have some sex.

  12. i want this shit as a ringtone… i need iTunes to get the fuck up ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. I second the ringtone request!!!!

  15. “Girl Boo” IT IS!
    Let’s Rock the Socks!
    ‘Cus ya already know I’m ALL ’bout “Beyond Black and White”

    Let The BW/WM Swirl Live!!!!

    (And if you get me serious, I’ll offend Evra-body straight up, by pointing out the obvious but completely-off-limits-unmentionable BC Heresy – what lives at the bottom of the continued, almost willful acceptance, of A/A women allowing themselves to be Devalued and Divested of. Ahh, YT-boy will utter the unutterable!)

  16. Your voice >>> Sparkle’s voice. AND better than that chick who sang Nobody with Keith Sweat. Plus both your eyes are straight. **high five**

  17. @KindredSmile
    “Who can kiss you all over your body, baby (nobody)
    I’m gonna caress your body … ”

    (I think her name was Athena)

  18. u ain’t got no sense at awl lol

  19. Your song >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tardy for the Party. This needs to be on iTunes.

  20. Aaaaahhhhh!!! I love it! ROTFL! I was in tears!

  21. Harpo....who dat woman?

    You are IT! Through my tears, I type this: I would seriously download this from I-Tunes.

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  23. I lost it as soon as I heard doom doom doom LMFAO SANG IT BROKEY!

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