Monthly Archives: September 2010

baby hair of the day

look.  look at it.  it looks so soft, doesn’t it?  it’s so billowy.  so velvety.  i want to roll around in field of it.  i want to stuff my pillows with it.  i want to lay on my back and look up at clouds of it and talk about how that one looks like a teddy bear and that one looks like a hot air balloon and that one looks like barry white’s perm.

this post is sponsored by let’s jam! and a super-tight du-rag.

dear aretha franklin:


Aretha Franklin: Halle Berry Should Portray Me In Film

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i snapped this at my local Kroger in Louisville, KY.  madness.

kanye and taylor: 1 year later.

okay, so.  i’m not following kanye west on twitter because… i don’t know why.  probably because everybody else was so geeked about it (my number 1 rule in life is basically “if you like it, i hate it.”), and also because i couldn’t picture him saying anything beyond something along the lines of ‘IM SO GREAT!’  ‘OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW GREAT I AM?’ ‘WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE GREAT?’ ‘ITALIAN CLOTHES I CAN’T EVEN SAY LET ALONE SPELL!’  and… i was kind of right about that.  but i must say that i’ve finally found an odd appreciation for kanye’s tweets, and it’s the same appreciation that i have for 50 Tyson‘s tweets.  i kind of love the ones that are just completely batshit and make me scratch my head and say ‘….wat?’

this could have EASILY come from kanye.

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