okay.  i know yall pretty well.  i lived amongst you for a time.  everybody knows that yall can be some hateful sumbitches when you wanna be.  we know you like to boo people.  sarah palinbeyoncesanta claus.

but yall gon throw a BOOK at MY PRESIDENT?!?!  COME THE FREAK ON!!!

like.  im at home takin my earrings off right now.  don’t NOBODY throw a book at MY president!  oh no, chile!  that’s when miss benita go OFF!!

(via BlackInformant & Katchin05)


6 responses to “OH, COME ON, PHILLY.

  1. Ms. Brokey?
    You missed one. When Phillies’ fans threw D-batteries at J.D. Drew.

  2. Ms. Brokey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Breakin News (Electric Boogaloo Network)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I found THE book that was thrown!


  3. GO Get ’em, BMCP…We GOT Yer Back! = )

    They WILL FEAR U!!!

    What WOULD Omar Do?!


    –The Black Whole

  4. jumping the gun a lil bit….the guy just wanted the President to read his book, he wasn’t trying to hit our President, he said so himself on the local Philly news – and that he is an Obama supporter.

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