oh, somebody is getting this for christmas.

just bask in this for a moment.

did u get u a good drank of it?

if you’re confused, this is a painting of Rick James and… Aunt Sheryl?  Nia Long in a prom dress?  who knows!  i just love the mystery surrounding this portrait.  they’re the only people on a deserted street in the middle of the night.  where were they going?  what were they doing?  was this before or after narcotics were introduced to this young woman’s system?  where is Rick James’ shirt?  and why are his legs so thick?  elephantitis?  did Rick James have elephantitis? was this portrait created to bring awareness to elephantitis?

this painting would only be awesomer if it were velvet.  and maybe if there was a unicorn fucking a rainbow in the background.

buy prints here.

(thank/blame dopegirlfresh for this)

14 responses to “oh, somebody is getting this for christmas.

  1. ROFL this puts that Obama painting to shame. I am SO getting that on a tote bag by the way.

  2. Funny, I thought that was Anita Baker….

  3. That’s Anita Baker!!!!!

    But … with “Mary Jane” Rick James?!

  4. I do have to admit though …
    for one flash-second, I thought that was
    my “Ex”.
    The one on the Right.

    But she showed better cleavage.

    As far as the Tote Bag …
    Heck Naw. That thing is a full-up “Got it at Goot-Will” T-shirt!

  5. But why are his legs soooo huge???

  6. I guess I am the only one who thought she looked Shaunie O’neal??

  7. It’s obvious that he stole MC Hammer’s pants.

  8. Shaunie O’Neal is that you?

  9. CAK CAAAAK!!!

  10. you made me laugh so loud my husband came in to see if I was OK. 🙂

  11. She looks like Lovita Alize Jenkins to me…

  12. That is clearly Regina King. Clearly.

  13. I need to get this for my brother. RIGHT. NOW.

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