Four (for) Women.

okay, i know i’m not supposed to be here, but.  i just have to share these videos.

when i heard that one of my favorite Nina Simone songs was  remade, for a Tyler Perry movie, no less, i instantly set about rolling my eyes, without even hearing it or knowing who was singing it.  i saw a live performance of the song on BET’s Black Girls Rock last night (sang by Kelly Price, Marsha Ambrosius, Jill Scott and Ledisi) and was taken all the way to church.  im talkin bout, lead into the sanctuary by my hand, taken to the baptismal pool, run all up & thru the choir stand, snuck in the pastor’s office when nobody was lookin, down to the kitchen to see what Sister Cora puts in her potato salad.  it was amazing.

i renounce my previous hatership.  i was a hating ass hater for no reason, and i was wrong.

i did, though, go back to listen to the original to get re-acquainted with the original and it’s just as moving.  what Nina did, man, and when she did it.. i really want everyone to know where this song came from.  here is the original, complete with (mostly correct) lyrics.

and so then i listened to that and remembered Talib Kweli’s tribute to the song on ‘Reflection Eternal.’  also awesome.

GO FORTH, BLACK WOMAN.  BECOME YOURSELF.  …or something.  i dont know.


3 responses to “Four (for) Women.

  1. i am pretty impressed w/this version. but um, brokey, have you heard dianne reeves, simone (nina’s daughter) & that girl lizz wright on that thing? dianne reeves is EVERYTHING!

  2. Just wanna second the greatness of Dianne Reeves. She is giving me everything on that track

  3. HOT Stuff!!!

    THANKZ 4 Sharin’. = )

    Gonna HAFTA go find Us some MO’ NINA
    …jus’ 2 REPLENISH Our SOUL…

    –The Black Whole…NEEDZ Inspiration when not tryin’ 2 Inspire, TOO!{ ( 8K

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