so, this happened.

so.  if you’ve been here for awhile, you know of the long-standing hot, sweaty crush that i have on Dr. Drew, captured in the love letter that i wrote to him some time ago.

well, one of my twitter buds tweeted it about a month ago at the beginning of my latest hiatus, and it somehow made it’s way to the man himself. dr. drew read my love letter!… and tweeted about how it scared him.

it’s definitely cool that dr. drew read my letter, and even cooler that he TWEETED about reading said letter, even if he is now creeped out by me.  it’s okay, dr. drew.  this love wont hurt unless you want it to, boo.

but.. i can’t help but feel some kind of way that the first and probably only words he’s read from me contain such phrases as “butt ass nekkid,” “tap that ass” and “porn star nipples.”

*kanye shrug*



5 responses to “so, this happened.

  1. Interior Adoration, LLC

    This is so hilarious beyond words. I was on that tweet and asked how he “felt” about it and he just replied, *shrugs*. AWESOME!

  2. I am over here dying laughing. I hope he shows up on your door ready to have his ass tapped.

  3. Fast forward to you and Dr. Drew shopping for a summer house in Costa Rica on a special episode of House Hunters International.

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