Prince no le gusta sherri shepherd’s vajayjay.

prince does not wish to hear of sherri's vagina. it upsets him.

lotsa vagina talk around here lately, hmm?

i’ve been stalking youtube all day waiting for somebody to put this clip up, and thankfully PB‘s @GeeDee215 shared it in this link.  Prince dropped by the set of The View today and Sherri Shepherd damn near lost all of her bodily fluids, which i completely understand.  sherri, girl, you had far more couth than i would have in such a position.

but look at the way Prince gathers his tiny little self together and shakes the scene when she tells him how she’s always wanted to make love to him.

LMAO!  Prince closed up that piano like “welp!  time to go!” like that dude in The Color Purple.

4 responses to “Prince no le gusta sherri shepherd’s vajayjay.

  1. Sherri is shaped like a yield sign. And I hate you for that caption under Prince’s picture.

  2. yield! yield! yield! before you hit me with your love! (jackie’s back) love it!

  3. u really need to check this movie out if u havent, it’s hilarious. way better than pootie tang!

  4. Interior Adoration, LLC

    Hilarious!!!!! Like you said, I understand her reaction but damn… don’t scare the man. All she had to do was wait for him after the segment, throw his little ass in the back of her car and get on top of him and screw his musical brains out! That’s what I would’ve done.

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