a GREAT way to get bitten

i just wanted to post this really quickly for ppl who like to smell good and/or are still getting throttled and mistreated by this recession.

i’ve done ALL of my christmas shopping in the last two days.  the malls were a mess, of course, and one of the craziest stores is always Bath and Body Works.  but, i ventured in anyway because all my granny asked for for christmas this year (and she usually never asks for anything and only gets house shoes) was  some “nice scents.”  (first i thought she said “nice sense,” and i thought, well honey, if i knew where they sold that in stores, that’d be what EVERYBODY on my list gets!  but i digress.)  they always have a good sale, so i ventured on in anyway.

now i hadn’t been to B&BW for a REALLY long time & haven’t really worn their stuff since high school, and it took me a good little while to get through all the new scents they have.  i gotta say, i hate most of them.  black amethyst?  sensual whatever?  no thank you.  but they do have a line of vanilla scents that i actually really like, particularly the apricot & coconut.  man i’m telling you NOTHING in this world smells better than coconut, in my opinion.  except maybe new money.  or new school shoes.  their line of vanilla scents is really unoffensive and just delicious smelling so, i um, *ahem* picked up an apricot vanilla shower gel & coconut body cream for myself.

i apparently enjoy smelling like a big ass fruit salad because i kind of had an aural orgasm when i saw little jars of the above travel size lotions at the checkout counter.  i picked them up and smelled each as the lady was ringing me up and just died.  they smell delicious.  they smell like they ought to taste wonderful, so much so that i licked the back of my hand after putting on the passion fruit (note:  it does NOT taste like passion fruit.  it tastes like lotion).  all three of them smell absolutely fantastic, and i fully expect somebody to run up and bite me when i have it on.  (yay!)

now the bad news is that the full product line won’t hit stores until january 17th.  but the good news is that for now, these little travel bottles are only a dollar a piece, and coincidentally, they’ll make great stocking stuffers for all yall who decided to be just a little too good at being black procrastinating on your crimmus shopping this year.

look for these in stores January 17th!

3 responses to “a GREAT way to get bitten

  1. If you like coconut (which I do, VERY much) check out LaVanila’s coconut vanilla scented products. Not cheap by any sense of the word, but a very very little goes a very long way: especially the body butters, which are the only lotion I’ve ever found that will keep my skin from getting raw and red in the winter. They sell it at Sephora, and it’s all-natural which I’m a big fan of. If you use the body wash and then the body butter you’ll smell warmly delicious all day long but not in a fake or overly sweet or cloying way.

  2. I thought of this post as I was ordering slippers, soap and candles from BBW, yesterday ($10 off any $30 purchase!). I didn’t plan to buy a candle, but the “new sense” were 3 for $5, and since you had good luck with them, I felt inspired and adventurous.

    p.s. I hate most of the new, “sultry tanzanite” scents, too. Anytime I like a scent, they immediately discontinue it. It’s been that way for years.

    p.p.s. My roots lie in a small, anomalous state in Southern Indian called “Kerala”…which means “land of coconuts”. I love good coconut stuff.

    • yay!! u must let me know how u like the sense! 🙂 and if u dont like it/them, YOU MUST SEND THEM TO ME!

      also, i didn’t know u were from southern indiana! we’re neighbors! kind of! also if u like coconut as much as i do, check out Jewels’ response above.. she does a pretty good sell on some coconutty stuff, and now i’d really like to try it

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