forgotten kwanzaa principles

today's kwanzaa principle.

harambee, brothers and sisters!

as you may or may not know, we are currently balls deep in Kwanzaa time.  if you know that, then you also know the seven principles of Kwanzaa–umoja, ujamaa, koochiechakkakhan and all that jazz.  or rather–you know what you THINK are the 7 principles.

what you DON’T know is that there are actually, like, a gazillion principles, but in The Man’s efforts to keep black folk from havin their own shit, they have been buried in the margins.

thankfully, the Ancestors have sent us a Kwanzaa Angel in the form of PostBourgie‘s own G.D., who has dedicated his energy to teaching us about these long lost principles each year, tweeting them out on the Twitters.  in order to keep them from being lost again, we’ve decided to compile them here, for posterity.  please check out past principles below, and check back for a new one each day as we finish up this Kwanzaa party.

when they ask you how you know this golden information, tell them:  G.D. reupholstered your kufi!

Kwanzaa: brought to you by PostBourgie and Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake.

2 responses to “forgotten kwanzaa principles

  1. G.D. reupholstered my kufi!!

    Oh my sweet Brokey!

  2. PRICELESS! lmao

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