come on out to the Light Skin vs. Dark Skin party!

first, let me state that this is A REAL EXISTING THING happening in columbus, ohio on january 21st.  this flier made it’s rounds around Twitter yesterday courtesy of steenfox.

come on out and wrap up your celebrations of Dr. King’s dream–you know, the one where color didn’t matter any more and it was the content of character that was important and blah blah blah–by dividing, separating, and pitting your black asses against each other based on your skin tone!

i understand that it is to be quite the grand affair.  the party is sponsored

DJ ?uestlove will be there on the 1s and 2s!

by Ambi Fade Cream, Anaconda Malt Liquor, and Timmi Hilnigger, and MC’d by the new Lil Kim in a “Team Light Skin” t-shirt.   instead of the wobble, cupid hustle, & cha cha slide, everybody will instead do the dance from the Madame Re-Re’s Salon scene of School Daze.  there’ll be tons of door prizes, including colored contacts, s-curl kits, and flamin hot cheetos.

the highlight of the night, though, comes at 1:30 am when the lightskin vs darkskin showdown goes down.  winner of the guy’s challenge gets an authentic slave shackle encrusted completely in blood diamonds by the same dude that makes all those dumb ass pendants for tpain & nem, and the winner of the ladies’ competition wins a a glamorous spot to be objectified and reduced to a pair of titties and ass in Young Whomever’s newest hippety hop video.  and nobody leaves empty handed–everybody gets the disapproval of the negro community and the ancestors.

yall should definitely hit it up!  i won’t be there, though.. there’s a Pestilence vs. Plague party at Sly’s Lounge, p-poppin’ in my SARS mask.  and check this out, too!

12 responses to “come on out to the Light Skin vs. Dark Skin party!

  1. No way!
    I’m so appalled.

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  3. ….. Speechless

  4. Brokey I can’t see the flyer; curses and foils! Maybe it’s just my jacked-up computer…

  5. I can’t see it either. 😦

  6. I can’t make it. There’s a relaxed vs. natural party the same night. They’re giving out free Miss Jessie’s and Just For Me at the door O_o

  7. lol if people weren’t so silly, there wouldn’t be a demand. My cousins and I were discussing “yellow” and “red bone”, and we have an even distribution through our family. The last tweet came from our aunt. She said “doesn’t matter. we all black, and WE all cuter than THEM!” So racial pride and shallowness mixed? IDK.

  8. Harpo....who dat woman?


  9. Lol @ AQualityMess
    Not sure what these event organisers were thinking but definitely not a great look…

  10. So…. IDK if you remember this or not, but there was one of these parties in Louisville last year! Ugh! Really?

  11. Were there paperbags at the door, I did not wonder.

  12. loool @ the 2 ppl they chose clearly it look as if they about the same complexion i could be wrong i know camera does wonders but they could have chose a darker girl then the one on the right

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