nba player & ‘basketball wives’ douchebag eric williams looks like that alien dude from ‘enemy mine.’

like if the alien dude got some proactive.  there he go.

5 responses to “dopplegangers.

  1. i JUST finished talking to my sister tryin to understand the knot on his head & the fact that his top teeth don’t seem to actually be for his mouth. then i come home & find that someone else’s spirit was murked by watching him. pure hilarity!!

  2. LMAO, you are soooooo right on with this one.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. That knot threw me off. Like, can’t he get plastic surgery? And does NBA health insurance not cover braces?

  4. momma say momma saw moo mockoo saw! lmao!

  5. The found the face a mother can’t love.

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