natural hair product review: JustNatural Organic Care

as you may or may not know, i am BEYOND product obsessed.. i waste spend sooo much time on youtube and google, just nosing around in what other naturals are putting in their hair, looking for products i’ve never heard of before.  i just want to try EVERYTHING, and if i cant try it, i want to be able to find somebody who has tried it and see how they liked it or loved it or hated it.

i’ve decided to make my obsession work for all the other obsessed out there and put some reviews of my own out there in the Internets.  my biggest problem right now, though, is that i can’t stop trying new stuff BEFORE i write reviews on stuff that i’ve already tried.  it’s like putting Bruhman from Martin in a room full of sammiches and telling him not to touch any of them.  you can’t do that!!  so i’ve put myself on punishment–no new stuff til i dish on the recently tried stuff.  first up:  JustNatural Organic Care products!

i’d never heard of JustNatural Organic Care before i somehow stumbled onto their website this past December.  when i asked around and found that not many other people had heard of them either, i knew i wanted to give them a try.  i chose three products to try from their natural african american hair section on their website:  the Natural Leave-In Conditioner, the Anti-Humidity Hair Pomade, and the Natural Shine Polish.

the product packaging was very natural and earthy-looking.  aside from the leave-in, each came in its own brown cardboard box affixed with a simple lable & some bright green paper filling. very clean, simple, and no-fuss, which is actually a good way to describe the products themselves.  each is very lightly scented and colored, if at all, and the ingredient listings on each container read more like a grocery list than anything else.  (so much so that my mother, upon reading the ingredients in the pomade, said ‘it sounds like you can eat this!’ and proceeded to taste some.  really.  so if you ever wonder why i’m so weird..)

i washed and deep conditioned, then applied the leave-in.  the Natural Leave-In Conditioner was very creamy, light green, and smelled the way you’d imagine an unscented hair product or cream to smell.  i don’t know how best to describe that.  after smelling it, i gave it the skin test, taking a bit and rubbing it into the back of my hand.  at first it was kind of slick/slippery, and as it absorbed into my hand, it left it feeling moisturized and soft, which is always a good sign.  it made detangling my hair fairly easy–not quite as easy as my Cantu or Trader Joe’s Nourish, but it did a very decent job of providing the slip i need, and i need a LOT because when my hair gets tangled, it gets tangled.  when i put it in my hair, i felt like it was being well moisturized and loved on and cared for.  it just feels good.

i used the anti-humidity hair pomade as as my moisturizer next.  the scent is kind of a lemony patchouli type of scent.  thank goodness it’s light because i HATE patchouli.  texture-wise, the pomade is a firmer-feeling than the leave-in, but it still doesn’t feel the way i’m used to a pomade feeling–something solidly solid, the consistency of beeswax, kind of lightly oily that doesn’t become disbursable until emulsified in your hands.   this pomade is creamy, and when i rubbed it into the back of my other hand, it felt very similar to the leave-in until it absorbed.  it’s much more moisturizing, leaving a shiny sheen and a silkier feeling.  like, i kind of want to use it as a body cream.  lol.  oddly enough, i didn’t really get that same feeling when i put the pomade in my hair.  it didn’t feel bad, but i kind of couldn’t feel its presence in my hair at all.  i wasn’t worried though; my hair is usually funky feeling and looking on wash day; my wash & gos always look better on the 2nd day for whatever reason.

once dry, my hair was very straw-like and dry to the touch, though it looked fine.  i’m pretty sure it was the gel that did this; i’ll try again without it.  it’s also worth it to note that when i used these products, i was in TERRIBLE need of a trim (and still am, really), to the point that my hair often felt and looked dry even when it wasn’t, due to the splitting ends.

the REAL gem of the group, though, was the natural shine polish!  it has a light, fresh orange scent and upon first feel, it’s kind of greasy.  (i sprayed this on the back of my hand too).  but as you rub it in and it gets absorbed, it feels sooo soft.  like somebody sprinkled baby powder and rubbed it around a bit.  the coolest thing about this is that when u first apply it to your hair, it sparkles!  like glitter!  just until it absorbs, but if you’re easily distracted by shiny things like i am, you’ll get a kick out of it.

i didn’t use this with the other two products because i didn’t want to split my attention between too many products.  i decided to use the shine polish spray on my ends for my last bantu knot-out, which have routinely looked like shit due to my jacked up ends, and surprisingly, i got a MUCH smoother set (that’s me w/ the flower in my hair–shiny)!  this is hands down the best product i’ve ever used to deal with rough, split ends, and i can’t wait to use it on the rest of my hair when i get a moment.

so overall, the leave-in and pomade are definitely decent.  i seriously am thinking of using that pomade as a body cream, lol.  i’ll write them and ask if it’s okay first.  if i had to call any of these products a must-buy, it’s DEFINITELY the shine polish (if you can afford to splurge, that is.. at $23, that’s an investment in this economy!).  i’ll definitely be looking for someone to buy me some once i use it all!  which i probably will!  very soon!

check out and buy  JustNatural Organics products for natural hair here!

4 responses to “natural hair product review: JustNatural Organic Care

  1. The link didn’t work. But I can attest that this is by far your best bantu-knot out.

  2. So: an odd question. My hair is short, curly in some places, wavy in others, THICK, and dry dry dry oh my god so dry did I mention it’s dry? In summer I air dry it and scrunch some curl creme in but I have to blow dry this time of year or my hair will literally freeze on my head. Do you have any leave in or product recs that would be good for my hair? I know my texture is way different than yours, being a honky and all, but I feel like some of the concerns like curl definition and moisture without grease are the same. Thoughts?

  3. That bottle of “Natural Shine Polish” (what a great name!) looks like a bottle of wine.
    Wonder if that might make even me “shine”?

    (PS: I’m a “lost cause”, ’cause nobody goin’ ‘natural’ in my group. Sad)

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