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and now, life lessons with Jawn Murray.


today’s lesson:  “i’m sorry you feel that way” is NOT an apology.

(UPDATE:  If you’re unsatisfied with J. Murray’s apology, contact Tariq Muhammad of AOL Black Voices. (via

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craigslist + job searching in a small city = :(


so if you pay attention to the ridiculousness that goes on around here, i appreciate you.  i also assume that you know that i moved outta philly back home to louisville, kentucky, and that im jobless as a motherfreaker right now.  been job searchin in the daytime with a flashlight and in the night time with a… flashlight (sometimes my metaphors don’t work all the way right) and comin up empty handed.

now back in philly, i had a GREAT job.  omg.  best job ever in the world in the history of life.  i found it via craigslist.  i also think i found my apartment via craigslist too when i first got to the city.  i thought it was so cool man.. so many people used it, and it made life really convenient.  shopping, selling, searching, craigslist was *it*.

so i get home and when i start my search, i immediately head to craigslist.  not as much goin on for louisville’s craigslist as there is for philly’s, but there were some really good lookin jobs up there!  i felt confident that i, with all my talent, charms, and wit, wouldn’t be without a job long.

FOUR WEEKS LATER.  i am still living in my mama’s attic watchin tv court shows in my sweats all day.  wtf, craigslist!??!

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septa?  more like SUCKTA!

more like SUCKTA!

i know this blog isnt about me, but this entry sorta will be.  strictly philadelphia related, so there’s a good deal that none of this will mean anything to the lot of you.

this is a rant about septa.  if you’re not from/living in philly and are still reading for some reason, septa is the city’s transit system.  this is specifically a rant about the 46th street train station.  this is specifically specifically about how it totally and completely sucks.

okay, firstly?  the escalators NEVER work.  there are two escalators.  nearly every day, one is out of service.  now, i have my lazy moments, but i dont fall into a fat fit because i have to walk up a flight of stairs.  i go for the stairs most times anyway.  but to know that MY tax dollars paid for this shit and it has the nerve to be inoperable and unusable most of the time?  hell no.  fix it or give me some form of a refund.

that’s reason number one why the station sucks.

reason number two is the bright, clean, pretty sales window that HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED SINCE THE STATION ITSELF HAS.  wtf is your problem??  why do you think this is okay, septa??!  can i tell u quickly why it isnt okay?  because i cannot tell you how many times i have stood in a line longer than the one at the gates of heaven to put my $2 fare @ the fare window because everybody in front of me is buying transpasses and 10 packs of tokens and using debit cards and standin around waitin for change and shit AS MULTIPLE TRAINS PASS US ALL BY.  that’s what the big bright clean pretty sales window that i helped pay for is for, septa!!!  you got all this fancy shit at this station and YOU AINT USIN IT.  its infuriating!



the management

i didnt figure this would have to be said, but

watermark11okay so, im the last one to give yall any new shit most of the time.  stuff that you see here either comes from other sites and is then sprinkled with my 2 cents, or its original bullshit (emphasis on bullshit) pulled from the recesses of my skewed, odd little mind.  so yeah, i borrow too.  but, i always credit the sites that i borrow stuff from cause my mama raised me right.

iont care if yall repost stuff from here, but pls do me a favor and credit/link back to this broke ass corner of the net.  k?   i have voodoo dolls.  dont make me use them.

thanks, love bugs!

celebrities who look like unwrapped mummies.

i make this comment about quite a few people in my daily life, it seems.  and we all know, or at least should know, about the fantasticness that is men who look like old lesbians.  i think i have enough names to start a good list of celebs who look like unwrapped mummies.  if you recall, i mentioned a few in my grammy recap.  now, id like to add don imus to the list, if i havent officially done so already.


don, on the eve of his 26th birthday

like.  he’s scary.  if he really was a mummy he’d be one of those ‘i-came-back-just-to-ruin-the-whole-fucking-world’ mummy assholes, not a nice ‘i-just-came-back-to-find-my-long-lost-love-but-infortunately-that-involves-me-ruining-the-whole-fucking-world-but-im-really-sorry-for-the-inconvenience’ mummy. 

doesnt he look like one though?  i bet he’s got that embalming fluid & old brains in a jar smell, too.  kinda like dissected animals in a science lab.  sexy!

i was reminded of don’s mumminess due to a news story i seen on him while i was puttin on my drawls this morning (note:  any sexiness that comes with putting on one’s drawls is TOTALLY ZAPPED when the visage of don imus is about).  this blog has nothing to do with the new bullshit he’s in though, cause nobody on earth should be surprised.  i am unsurprised to the point of not caring.  if this is what he came back from his crypt to do, i say let him have at it, as long as it aint raisin taxes or my light bill.

anyway, id also like to official throw a hometown favorite on the CWLLUM list:  legendary coach of the University of Louisville’s men’s basketball team, Denny Crum.  that’s him on the left.

doesn’t look a day over 76 centuries old!

does anyone have any other nominations?


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