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lol WHAT?!

yeah.  this is another bad girls club entry.

so, i just caught this week’s episode last night.  spoiler:  kayla is gone.  and this, in my opinion, is potentially one of the most shameful exits ive witnessed in reality tv-dom.

at the top of the episode, the girls participate in some challenge where they walk the streets in lingerie and see who can get the shop the most customers or something.  i didnt see all of that part.  i did see that amber m. won, and kayla made this face, signifying that she was upset abt that.  so amber m. gets money, everybody else gets nothing.  whatever tho, it’s seemingly forgotten.

later they take a self-defense class.  they all effectively whoop the holy loving shitfire out of the instructor.  all except for kayla, who seems really timid and insecure and barely even touched the guy.  (take notes, kiddies; there’s a pop quiz later).

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get the f*ck up!

lol.  so i dont know if anybody watches the Bad Girls Club on oxygen or not but its a FABULOUS show.  and by fabulous i mean absolutely absurd and borderline embarrassing. 

i mean when you think of it in terms of real world functionality, it’s the worst idea ever.  get a bunch of broads with horrendous attitudes, put them in a house together, and… that’s it.  its not like Real World on mtv, where they put people together to watch their lives and ideals change, give them jobs, send them on trips, all that other shit.  its not like Charm School, where they’ll be given ‘life lessons’ and ‘taught ettiquette’ and ‘helped’ with the problems in their lives (please pay attention to the quotation marks used in all that, they’re very important).  shit its not even Flavor of Love where the girls on the show are embarrassing themselves while working toward a common goal.  these Bad Girls bitches ain’t there to do nothin but fight.  and that’s all they do.

i’ll come back to this topic and expound on the show more later, but suffice it to say, its pretty entertaining in my opinion.  its fun playing the voyuer when you’re classier than the people you’re spying on.

anyway, i brought this up to share this video with you; i just stumbled upon it.  on the episode before last, one of the craziest chicks in the house just totally flipped and decided to wake the house up, project marching band style.  somebody set it to music and while–clearly–its not the smoothest musical mix your ears will hear, i just could not stop sniggling.