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Brandy’s Hairline Sees Pictures of Naomi’s Edges, Stages Intervention

Pictured: Brandy and Rita in slightly happier times.

LOS ANGELES, CA–Sources inside singer Brandy Norwood’s camp are reporting that her hairline held an emergency intervention after seeing pictures of what remains of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s edges floating around the internet earlier today.

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BHM exlusive!: an interview with Ray J

are you here for the love of black history month?

welcome to what will hopefully be the first of a series of exclusive interviews with some of the most prominent and influential black personalities in our community in honor of black history month.  for our first installment, i had the opportunity to sit down with “musician” and reality tv “star” Brandy’s Brother Ray J over a couple of fried bologna sammiches.  i wanted to discuss a few specific things:  how he feels about the current state of black America, what he thinks about the job that fine ass President Obama has done so far, and what he plans to do with semi-lame ass Mz Berry, “winner” of For the Love of Brandy’s Brother Ray J season 2.

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ray j + cocktail = yeah, right!

well folks, i called it.  ive been predicting for quite awhile now that Cocktail would win on brandy’s brother’s dating show.  and i was right!  im always right.  i have to say it was an informed prediction tho; after danger came out talkin wreckless about bein pregnant by ray j’s kid, and after pictures of unique and her alleged new baby surfaced on the net, common sense was like, okay.  lol.  that only leaves cocktail.  and i was right!

and ray j’s an idiot!  lmao!

i mean okay.  granted.  all this shit is staged and whatnot and there will definitely be a season 2, blah blah, yackitty smackityy.  but let’s pretend for a minute that ray j really was (*giggle*) …looking for love.  true, honest love that wasn’t after him for his.. (*chortle*)..riches and not just looking to ride his sister’s coatails into.. (*BWAAAHAHAHA!!*) …fame.  let’s assume all that to be true.

dude, u pick a broad who was on ANOTHER reality show talkin bout how big a golddigger she is??!  LOL.  you damn dumb idiot fool!  i SAW that season of the bad girl’s club.  she was horrid!  skeezer to the nth degree!!  yeah, she’d totally be into your no IQ havin ass if you weren’t brandy’s brother a semi-musician and aint have a dime.  totally.

anyway, congrats to the happy attention whores.  see yall in season 2!

i’ll be watching 😦  im not proud of it, but i will be.  curse u vh1!

so brandy’s coming back. word yet on whether or not her hairline will be joining her.

wait, this just in:  new promo pics confirm that the two have apparently not yet reconciled after years of abuse of the hairline by brandy’s braids.

but seriously folks.. more promo pics + the new single ‘right here’… here.

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