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dear dr. drew: a love letter.

i'd love to see YOUR loveline, doctor. HAW HAW HAW!

as i sit here watching you talk to a bunch of kids who had babies, i kind of can’t help myself.  it’s emotional porn, the way you spread your caring around, how you caress those on the stage with the softness of your voice but put a little bass in it when someone decides to get loud and wrong.  the way you lean in and peer into the center of someone’s eyes when they speak.  the way you listen.  like, really, really listen.  sigh.  you speak to that need in me, the unscratchable itch that screams “OMFG I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHATEVER SPORT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW.  I JUST NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY DAY, CAN I FUCKING DO THAT, PLEASE?!”  you are the human embodiment of a shopping spree, a walking bowl of chocolate covered winning lottery tickets dipped in good dreams and free foot rubs.  just win.  just so full of win.

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i’m not going to say anything.

i’m just going to put up this picture of (not so) Lil Romeo shirtless at the Hip Hop Honors and not say one single solitary word.

that’ll do, Romeo.  that’ll do.

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Dear Mr. President:

you really need to stop doing this to me.

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my first husband/baby daddy cannot be Muslim

beacuse i am SO getting our percious bundle/little bastard one of these.

let me keep it funky tho.  i might get one for myself.  right now.

many many thanks to p_rn_ll @ marveloustimes for this.




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keith olbermann makes my panties moist.

this has already been established.

but this really, really helped to solidify it.


american idol: remember Jenry?

Jenry, i believe, tried out for American Idol two or three years ago.  i can’t remember what Jenry sounded like,  but oh yes lord, i remember what he looked like.  he had me feeling extra pervy because he was only sixteen years old at the time.  i know, i know,  but dude… look at him!!!  can you blame me??!  that is NOT the face of your average 16 year old, at least give me that.

well, ladies and gentlemen…. JENRY DONE GREW THE FUCK UP.

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