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a GREAT way to get bitten

i just wanted to post this really quickly for ppl who like to smell good and/or are still getting throttled and mistreated by this recession.

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dear Tyler Perry:

work your voodoo magic and make sure that this becomes the official poster for your adaptation of  ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.’

im already worried about how the adaptation is going to turn out.  at least give us something to look forward to and be hopeful for!

but really, this is an amazing piece of work infinitely talented young artist Tatyana Fazlalizdeh (reach her via twitter here), currently stationed in Philadelphia.  we’re trying to drum up enough internet  buzz for the right folks to see it, so please tweet it, blog it, tumblr it, digg it, facebook it, or whatever you young interweb whippersnappers do.

hurry up!  we’ve started without you!

hair stuff!

ive been meaning to do some hair talk around here for the last, like, month and a half.  i’m still transitioning and trying to get used to home life again, and sometimes it drains all my creative juices and motivations.  i just got outta the shower though and i am COMPLETELY motivated by this awesome hair day i’m havin to share some stuff that ive discovered.  ive got a great pre-shampoo suggestion and a quick review of oyin’s sample pack.

firstly, my hair is natural & curly and i’m not good with the grading stuff, but i think/guess i’m a 3c.  i have a lot of hair, but its relatively fine and as such can be tempramental when dealing with heavier products, especially while wet.  co-washing pretty much doesnt work for me.  it just leaves my hair feelin crazy and lookin crazier.  and dull.  co-washing makes it very dull.  my curl pattern is coily.  i have one main problem area, being the front part of the upper left quadrant of my head.  i dunno what happened or when it happened but the curl pattern there is on life support.  my usual routine is:  sulfate wash once a week, no-poo when needed in the inbetween time; slap in a leave in, moisturizer & finisher (sometimes.. i dont always).  air dry. i wish i had taken some before and after pics, but i didnt 😦

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win tickets to Brooklynati!

that’s right ladies and germs!

to celebrate the release of rap group Tanya Morgan‘s second album Brooklynati, i’m givin away two one-way tickets to Brooklynati for free!  that’s right!  for FREE!  you and a guest will travel via grayhound to the beautiful hills and valleys and shit of Brooklynati, located at the intersection of Brooklyn and Cincinati.  if you’ve never heard of the place, omg.  it’s a tourists dream!  it’s got blue skies, green grass, 24 hour drug stores, polite panhandlers,and indigenous nudity!

all u gotta do is check out the album, come back here and tell me how u like it. its the featured album on itunes in the new and noteworthy hip hop section; skate over, give it a listen, fall in love with it, buy it, etc etc.

go get the album!  DONT DISAPPOINT DRED SCOTT!


super hot tune jams!: soulpatrol, vol 1

good morning babies!

ive decided that it’s time for my latest hiatus to die.  i apologize for any separation anxiety that my absence has caused, but ive been out conquering the world/feeling uncreative/making tough life decisions/sittin on my couch/gettin fat/tryin to get unfat/etc etc.  im back tho!  i think im back!  ima go head and claim it–IM BACK!  you’re welcome.

i come bearing gifts!  aeon, your favorite beatmaker’s favorite beatmaker, has assembled a mixtape of the best soul you’ve n/ever heard, available for download @ his website.

its called soulpatrol vol. 1 and 2dopeboyz already love it.  your turn!

download here.

know the best thing abt this picture?

if you said my hair, then you’re lying because that was in the midst of a terrible hair week.  you’re very sweet tho 🙂

if you said the hint of cleavage @ the bottom, stop being nasty!

if you said my skin, go get some of philosophy’s hope in a jar!  i’m not sure yet, but i think i love it!

if you said my earrings, YOU WIN!  YOU WIN EVERYTHING!

those are my newest favorites, and they draw a good bit of attention everywhere i go.  ‘are those real keys??’ is the most common question.  ‘to your house??’ is usually the second.  a dumb look typically follows that.

these were made by the uber-talented, snarky stylista maria.  omg, she’s like 12 years old, cusses up a storm and makes some of the dopest earrings ive seen in awhile.  i dunno if she has more of the keys, and as much as id love to keep all of you from biting my steez, i give you permission to lift a pair if she does, all in the name of her success. 

ive been meaning to put her and like a billion other ppl in my links here, and im going to do that soon (i mean it this time!).  but in the mean and in between, go give her a holler, see what she’s wearing, read her rants, marvel @ her photog skills, be moved by her poemtry (quite the art fart, huh??) and BUY SOME EARRINGS.  tell her i sent you, and you geta free cookie!*  more designs below!  thank me later!

1  |  3  |  4  |  5 

*i can’t actually guarantee this.  its worth a shot tho, right?

shameless plugs!

my policy in life is typically to be the best, and if i cant, then attach urself on ppl who eventually will be, help them get there, then hold the help that u gave them over their heads throughout their famous runs so that u can be the best by association.

all my hustles are paralyzed right now, and as such, i will be acting as promotional groupie for the following ppl/things:

 .::Che Grand – Everything’s Good Ugly – i’ll have to check on the release date, but in the meantime, check him out, and before he takes it down, check the demo ‘Girls Talk’ featuring Darrin of Sankofa & produced by Aeon who is also appearing on…

 .::The Official PMP Mixtape – Hosted by Hi-Tek, featuring Aeon & some other ppl who aren’t Aeon –


listen to it & find a tracklisting for it here; download it here.

and speaking of Aeon, this is the same Aeon who produced the absolutely ridiculous Walk My Way for..

.:: Tanya Morgan – i dunno what these dudes are up to.  check em out & buy their shit anyway.

yall negroes owe me a ham & cheese sammich for this.  plus donwill YOU STILL OWE ME MY $10 BLOCKBUSTER CARD.  kthanks!