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The Real Housewives of Civil Rights.

just watch it.
just watch it.

i stood up and did the slow clap in real life after this.


(thanks to @heyerinevans for this!)

EXCLUSIVE! #YoungStruggleFace freestyle!!



so we all know the legend of #YoungStruggleFace, the oldest, grownest toddler ever.  he probably owns property.  he’s probably served jury duty a couple of times.  but here’s what you don’t know–he raps, too.

apparently he and twitter’s own @seansmyph used to hit the studio all the time back in ’01, and with his new found twitter fame, he’s been in the booth again.

check out this snippet from #YoungStruggleFace’s mixtape, ‘Grind Diego Grind,’ dropping sometime in the new year.

Prince no le gusta sherri shepherd’s vajayjay.

prince does not wish to hear of sherri's vagina. it upsets him.

lotsa vagina talk around here lately, hmm?

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fantastic finds!

hey lovebugs!

updates have been slow and will continue to be due to life happening.  sorry!

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blueberries bluuuuuueberries

yo i dont care who you are, this is HILARIOUS

your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

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i was a virgin! WAS!!!!


thanks to d @ AD for this!

in case you missed this

and you probably did-

my dorkalicious friend Adam left the following comment after one of the responses from the entry on race, humor, and subjectivity.  i thought it was too funny to  let lie in the boneyard.


Yes, I agree. Humor has no place in advancing social justice; in fact its logical endpoint can be only fascism. Every social critic is fond of citing the fact that Hitler came to power through democracy, but few recall that this man ended every marathon speech with a “got yer nose” perpetrated on the nearest diplomat, to mammoth laughter. In fact, the first vote he ever won was in an amateur comedy night competition as the one-man improv comedy troupe “Just in the (Mu)Nich of Time”.

Also, I resent the fact that your use of the “Mc” suffix implies that people of scotch-Irish decent are poor and unthrifty with finance. Refer to Gangs of New York, my friend! And I’ll have you (and all my detractors!) know that haggis-based currency will rise again!


Lite Bread, looks like you got some competition for best white commenting dude!

fun with google image search: Olan Mills

here’s a confession for you:  i have never, ever taken an Olan Mills portrait, neither solo nor with family, and i gotta tell you… i feel like i’m missing out on an important part of the black experience.  one of my current life dreams/goals is to go get one of those 2-part pictures, the one with you sitting and smiling happily in the foreground, and a picture of your serious thoughtful face floating around in the back ground.  yall know what i’m talkin bout, right?

so until that happens, i have to sate myself with looking at others.  i found some fun ones via google’s image search.  not all of them are Olan Mills, but all of them are freakin hilarious.

*The library backdrop. Oh, why hello there, young scholar!  How lucky of you to find me here amongst my many leather-bound books!  It is here that I spend all of my days meandering among those who truly understand me: Tolstoy, Euripides, Kafka, and Sista Soulja.

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obscure r&b album covers of the day

so i guess its safe to say that r&b is becoming the underlying theme of this blog.  which is fine with me.  as long as asinine people keep stepping into studio, i’m not against discussing where they went wrong.

i got an early christmas gift today when my very good friend donnie gave me the link to a blog full of the most random, dated r&b that i’ve never heard of in my life.  the possibilities contained therein are ENDLESS.  i predict many more discussions on r&b coming from that link alone.  so you may thank him for this.

in no particular order, since they’re all equally ridiculous:

1.  Renaizzance – Intimate Thoughts

first, a question.. why did everybody feel the need to spell shit the wrong way?  ‘hello, ladies and gentlemen, we are Peaches and Cream, only it’s spelled PeichezzZ aynd Kriem beause we’re craft and clever.’  smh.  anyway.

u can’t convince me that that wasn’t done by somebody’s 14 yr old little brother with MS clipart and the first edition of Paint Shop Pro.  don’t it look like an airbrushed Rest in Peace t-shirt? (ps – WHY DO THEY HAVE A BEST OF ALBUM?)

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