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streets is bloggin!

finish your friday with further foolishment!  (eat my alliteration, suckas!)

Aunt Silvia is STILL actin up. [Awesomely Luvvie]

TGI-Drake? [The Cynical Ones]

Clip toenails, receive ass.  [Dirty Pretty Thangs]

enjoy the weekend!

the best of brokey

hi, sweet babies!

we’ve been getting an influx of new visitors lately, and with the sparse updating i thought this would be a good time to look back on some of our greatest moments.  you know, so folk won’t show up and be like ‘this bitch only updates once a week?  put the kids back in the car, we goin to!”

these are a few of my personal favorites; if anybody else has any that stick in your brains, shout em out!

  • Cora > your girlfriend:  a look at what true sexy looks like. (note:  no nudity, but not work safe!)
  • Steve Harvey suits for the fellas…
  • …and Steve Harvey Easter dresses for the ladies.
  • Dear John – a letter written to John Mayer during his white supremacist dick controversy
  • “…But Tell It Slant:”  my life and times at the whitest place on earth (aka – college)
  • does tiger woods owe you an apology?  i made a flow chart to help you find out!
  • BROOKLYN TWITTER, WE DID IT! – the broke bunch FINALLY gets a #1 worldwide trending topic on twitter!

check out some fun times at Splackavellie Central, too!  such fun times include Aaron Hall’s inner dog and the challenging “Album Cover or Obituary” series.

ps – go get you some real-world learnin.

pps – when you’re done with that, GO GET UR MOM OUT THE CLUB.


streets is bloggin’!

Dear Rihanna… [@ Awesomely Luvvie]

You Are an Epic Fail Whale! [@ Dirty Pretty Thangs]

The Devil is Busy Creating Gospel Dances [@ TheCynicalOnes]

In Defense of Slim Thug [@ FlyBlackChick]

WARNING:  you are going to find yourself church dancing at some point within the next couple of weeks and i need you to know that i am NOT RESPONSIBLE.

these links go to 11.

5 points and a gold star for anyone who gets that reference.

meanwhile, in the internet: