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so, this happened.

so.  if you’ve been here for awhile, you know of the long-standing hot, sweaty crush that i have on Dr. Drew, captured in the love letter that i wrote to him some time ago.

well, one of my twitter buds tweeted it about a month ago at the beginning of my latest hiatus, and it somehow made it’s way to the man himself. dr. drew read my love letter!… and tweeted about how it scared him.

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i guess i don’t really know if this school really exists

…but i have a theory.

must have been a great school, since the applicant was apparently there for 12 freaking years.



so.  it turns out that there really IS a school called Astronaut High School.  it also turns out that Tosh.0 went there.

im gonna call this a fluke.  it just so happens that this is a real place.  good thing he didn’t write “Ninja High School…” that’s just a little too hard to believe.

this is not funny.

…but it’s soooo funny.