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your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

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um, mars looks gross.

much easier to look at.

i meant to write about this a long time ago, but yeah.  those new pictures of mars that nasa released about a week ago?  i saw them on the huffington post and almost tossed my cookies all over the floor.

im kind of odd.  certain things i can’t look at because they make my skin crawl.  kind of like some people pass out at the sight of needles or blood?  i want to do the same when i see close ups of germs/microorganisms (like in science books or smart people tv shows), close up shots or large groups of bugs, or clusters of holes.

what really bothers me the most of that list are the clusters of holes.  that probably sounds the most ridiculous, and i recognize that, but guess what??  it’s an actual phobia with an actual name, and ive talked to lots of people who have the same aversion!

it’s called trypophobia and i shudder to even have to google it because it always turns up a bunch of disgusting pictures.  it’s loosely defined as a fear of clusters of holes, but the def needs to be a bit more specific, at least for me.  because like the holes in, say, the speakers on a phone receiver don’t bother me at all, nor do the holes of a honeycomb because they’re all symmetrical.  what i have a problem with is a cluster of holes of differing sizes, especially if they’re randomly placed.  my biggest enemy is the lotus seed pod.  ordinarily i’d put up a picture for you but that would mean i’d have to look at it, and i can’t do that for you.  i can give you a link to google though.  look it up your dang self, and while you’re there, google ‘trypophobia’ too, cause i won’t do that either.  but yeah.  lotus seed pods are bad.  and i heard that there’s a frog or a toad or something that somehow burrows its eggs in its back??  my stomach turns even trying to imagine what that looks like.  i think my prob with stuff like this is that it reminds me of a disease.  like it just looks infected, like pus and spiders are just gonna start oozing out of the holes at any minute.  i dunno.  it’s kind of hard to explain.


i mention that because i get the same creepy skin-crawly feeling when i look at these mars pictures.  not to the point that i can’t look at it, but i definitely don’t want to.  i dunno, they make me itch.

actually, no.  i cant look at em.  i was gonna to put some here for you, but.  i’ll just give you the link instead.  this one REALLY fucks me up.

does anybody else have this reaction to stuff like this???  id LOVE to talk about it with other folk who may have it.. am i alone?!

update:  against my better judgement, i googled the damn thing and got smacked in the face with a shitload of lotus seed pods.  FUCK.  anyway, more info can be found here, and apparently there’s even a facebook page for it.

i feel like my insides are dying now.

the fattest thing i ever ate: a review.

if you are well versed in internets, you know about the bacon obsession swimming around the foodie world.  if there’s any random product, edible or otherwise, that  you’d like to see injected with bacon, somebody in the internets has probably had the same thought, and made it happen.  bacon salt.  bacon mayonnaise.  bacon mints.  bacon in a bottle.  bacon envelopes. bacon bra.   you dream it, it’s probably out there.

i was perusing the aisles of my favorite snazzy wine spot the other day  and was looking at all the bourgie artisan snacks and treats they also carry.  they specialize in dry meats (*snicker*) and stinky cheese.  i have little interest in either.  i DO have an interest in chocolate though.  i also have an interest in bacon.  my mind was sort of blown when i saw this:

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