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good ol louisville education.

more shameful national press for Louisville!  yay!

Principal Peeping Tom

Louisville educator screened surveillance video of teen school sex

OCTOBER 8–A Kentucky principal last month screened school surveillance footage showing two teenagers having sex in the lunchroom and provided lurid play-by-play commentary as fellow educators watched the video in his office. In the wake of a probe of his bizarre behavior, Dave Wilson retired last week as head of Louisville Male High School. According to the below redacted witness reports released by Jefferson County Public Schools officials, on September 3 Wilson summoned several co-workers to his office. They arrived to find a darkened room with five chairs pointed toward a large white screen. Using a projector connected to his laptop, Wilson, pictured at right, screened a ten-minute video showing the teens having sex the prior afternoon. “Hey, baby, why don’t you come over here and grab my pencil,” and “It won’t take me long, I am like the minute man,” were two of Wilson’s comments as the video played, according to witnesses. While the pantsless girl, an 11th grade student, sat in the boy’s lap, Wilson slowed the video down and remarked that the group could watch it in slow motion or he could speed the clip up and “make him go even faster.” At the video’s conclusion, Wilson could be seen approaching the teens. One witness reported that “Wilson and others” had been watching the students in real time, and when they “were finished having sex,” Wilson entered the cafeteria to “run the students out of the building.” The school district’s probe of Wilson also turned up allegations that he showed up to school events intoxicated and made inappropriate comments to students and staff. In a September 29 letter, Wilson announced his retirement, effective after he had used up his remaining vacation and personal days. (6 pages)

more here.

oh and also, this teacher?  also from Louisville.  i love my city!

that’s how we do it in louisville, son!

hes got 99 problems but a bitch aint.... oh wait, make that 100 problems.

he's got 99 problems but a bitch aint.... oh wait, make that 100 problems.

louisville doesn’t have any pro sports teams.  this may or may not be the reason behind why people here are so fanatical about college sports, particularly the university of louisville (that’s who all the cool louisvillians root for.. the lame loser dummies tend to go for UK).

i dunno how many people outside the region have been following this but.. rick pitino, u of l men’s basketball coach, is in some shit that i find pretty hilarisad (hilarious + sad.  keep up!).  i was told some details abt this scandal last night, and today was slipped a link to a NY Times article about it by a friend.  im sharing it because i really want to give you guys a picture of louisville and how it works.  this is a good snapshot.  this is how we get down in louisville.  we have supposedly open marriages and bang broads in the back of our restaurants and get them pregnant and then pay for their abortions and then get extorted for it all.  side note:  dont you hate it when people do that?  put completely random shit on their hometowns?  ‘that’s how we do it in nap-town, man!  we dont play!  we smack people in the face for NOTHIN!  that’s just what we do!’  ‘who, me?  yeah, i threw a block of cheese at her head.  why?  because shit, that’s how we do it in milwaukee, yo!  we throw blocks of cheese at people, that’s just how we get down!’

anyway.  all that happened/is happening to rick pitino at the moment.  its all detailed in the article.  what isnt in the article, though, is that after the extorting broad in question started getting a little too clingy, she was pretty much passed on to rick’s equipment manager, who subsequently wifed her up.  three years later, wifey catches equipment manager doin the grown-up dance with rick pitino’s son, then tries to use that to her advantage.  that’s what the streets are sayin, anyway.  but i aint one to gossip, so you aint heard that from me!  no you havent!

and i just heard on the news that pitino could lose his job over all this due to a morality clause in his contract.  lol.  what a dummy.

fuck yeah, philadelphia!

if ever there was a time for me to be a proud semi-philadelphian

well first let me say that i really really hope the guy whose ass they beat is the guy who committed this crime

then let me say… HELL YEAH!  BEAT HIS ASS!!  then tattoo ‘I RAPE BABIES’ on his forehead and throw his ass in a cell with a bunch of really, really large men who think he has a pretty mouth.

dudes who beat this guy’s ass wont face charges.  the official reaction of the president of the fraternal order of police:  ‘so be it.’  i love it.  plus it looks like they get reward money!

Video: Rape ‘Person Of
Interest’ Beaten

PHILADELPHIA – A stunning videotape has emerged in the rape case of an 11-year-old girl, showing neighbors beating the “person of interest” who’s now hospitalized.

Slideshow: Beating Caught On Tape

Related: ‘Person Of Interest’ In Rape Hospitalized

It happened around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at Front Street and Clearfield Street in the city’s Kensington section.

Fox 29’s Jeff Cole spoke to some of the people involved in the incident.

The surveillance video, from a corner convenience store, shows 26-year-old Jose Carrasquillo being chased by at least three people, one of whom hits him several times with what appears to be a bat or large stick. As they chase the man, a crowd gathers. A police officer arrives, and the video cuts off.

It was unclear Tuesday night whether anyone would be charged in the beating. Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Frank Vanore said he was sure police will “look at it.”

White Dude Sues to be African-American, Blacks Everywhere are Like ‘wtf?’

May 13, 2009 — NEWARK, N.J.:  African-born Paulo Serodio is suing the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark after what he calls a snowball of traumatic events that began in 2006, when he identified himself as a “white African-American” during an exercise in a clinical skills course taught by Dr. Kathy Ann Duncan. This drew several complaints from the black students in the classroom who found Serodio’s claim of being African-American to be offensive.

Serodio, who is Portuguese, was born in Mozambique, located in southeastern Africa; his great-grandfather emigrated to the region years before, and Serodio moved to the United States in 1984 to study to become a doctor.

In the months following the exercise in Dr. Duncan’s class, Serodio was the subject of many complaints from black students on campu, due largely to articles and online postings written by Serodio defending his right to call himself a white African-American.  All the run-ins eventually culminated in his suspension from the school, and Serodio is now suing the institution.

When the story broke, we contacted Byron ‘Man-Man’ Jones, an inmate currently serving 5-10 years at Rikers after being convicted of first degree robbery.

“Naw, man, that [expletive] is crazy,” he said;  “African-American is what got my black ass in here in the first place!  For some [expletive] I ain’t(sic) even do!”  Asked to elaborate, we learned that Byron believes that he was wrongfully convicted of the crime in question.

“Man, listen.  I’m walkin’ down the street after leavin’ my job and the cops just come up and bust me in my head, talkin’ bout I fit the description.  I said yo, man!  What description!  And you know what they said?  ‘African-American.’  And that’s it!'”

Another Jersey resident weighed in on the matter.  “Well, on the one hand, I can see where he’s coming from, but honestly, when I sit back and think about it…there may be advantages to people not knowing that you’re African-American.”  She paused to take a phone call before she resumed speaking.  “I’m sorry,” she said, “another ‘thanks, but no thanks.  I’ve been job searching for months.  You’d think that someone with a master’s in urban planning from Rutgers would have little problem finding a job, but it’s been a struggle.”

Asked what she thought the problem was, she said:  “My name is La’Quintranequetta Lovettanay Jenkins.  See why sometimes it’s better that folks don’t know??  I can’t BUY a freakin’ interview!!”

(c) The Impoverished Times

the costa rican kamikaze killer exploding bomb hawk.

this, according to this guy, is what took down that plane that crash landed in the hudson yesterday.  this is in response to my question:  wtf kind of bird WAS that??

after seeing these pics of planes damaged after hitting birds @ the huffington post… i kinda think he could be absolutely right.

dude.  is sam the eagle flyin around up there or somethin?? 

for shit’s sake, what is wrong with these birds?  when they’re on the ground, if u run at them, make a loud noise in their general direction, or attempt to call it close while singing a sweet negro spiritual, what does it do?  has a bitchfit & runs the other way.  but apparently when they feathery little asses get up in the air and see a huge, HUGE, loud, grumbling, metal, monstrous looking son of a bitch, they choose to hold off on the escaping, giving those huge vortexes called engines enough time to suck them in to the plane’s path.

i dont feel sorry for you, birds.  not one bit do i feel sorry for you.

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so. this ashley todd mccain mugging business. UPDATE: she confessed.

****update on the update.  looks like the little ratfink confessed.  she really, REALLY better apologize to EVERYBODY b/c there’s nobody that she hasn’t run afoul of with this story.  she insulted obama supporters, mad mccain supporters look bad, and clearly thought that the entire nation was dumb enough to believe that wack ass B and sparkly makeup black eye.  i mean it, i want a joe the plumber type press conference held in her driveway with jimmy swaggart ‘I HAVE SINNED AGAINST YOU!!’ type tears.

simple bitch.  ugh.

**update:  lol, folks are ON IT.  check out for more details & inconsistancies**

as a woman, i wont lie.  it is my inclination to believe a woman’s claims of being attacked by a man, because im of the opinion that it’s more dangerous to disbelieve such claims and be incorrect than it is to believe them and be wrong.  i’m a woman’s woman, what can i say.

but flat out, this story is WAAAY too fishy for me to be believing.

if you havent heard, check this link.  quick synopsis:

-woman in pittsburgh @ an atm gets roughed up and robbed at knifepoint.  cool, i can believe that.

-the assault happens out of eyeshot of the security cameras.  at a bank.  you know how many security cameras are strung up at banks?  whatever tho.. sometimes the stars align in such a way and things happen.

-at some point, he notices that the girl has a McCain bumper sticker on her car, gets incensed, decides to ‘teach her a lesson’ (supposedly a direct quote from him to the girl) and proceeds to rough her up, ending with the carving of the letter ‘B,’ presumably for ‘Barack’ into her face.


what?!  like.  …what??!  do we even need to talk abt why this is suspicious?  how does a man who has just robbed and beat up a woman have the time or presence of mind, what with all the ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE YOU GET CAUGHT! adrenaline coursing through his veins, to just hang around and watch her go to her car AND peep the bumper sticker??  what kind of man who apparently feels that he has to rob someone to get money rationalize potentially getting caught by sticking around some more to make a political statement???  if you in the streets like that, how are politics that heavy on your mind??  

no, i say.  here’s where she needs more people, in the immortal words of Jay-Z, and i need to see a picture.  and im in luck.  

the ‘B’ is backwards.


unless she took this picture while aiming her camera at a mirrored reflection, this would mean that the mugger, frantic & hopped up on adrenaline, and armed with a knife, wrestling with a struggling victim and pressed for time, steadied himself AND her enough to SCRATCH–not carve–a pretty steadily formed letter into her face, taking care not to apply too much pressure to break the skin with his knife (note:  knifes are typically pretty sharp), and concentrated enough to, for some reason, write the letter BACKWARDS.

come on, now.

i highly encourage you to check out what the intellects (ha) at okayplayer are saying on it.  there’s some pretty delicious conspiracy theorizing going on, and this time it actually makes sense.  things get suspiciouser (ie – after the attack, she refused medical attention and, though she didn’t know where she was, managed to make her way to a friend’s house in an unfamiliar city/part of time.  …riiiiight).

what i wanted to call attention to though, is her myspace page.  her quote reads:  lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it’s better if you do.

…wooooow. i almost stood up and said ‘no further questions, your honor’ after that.  then i realized i would have been talking to myself and decided against it.  also, it looks like she took one of those annoying little quizzes that myspacers seem to love to take and share with everyone (‘I’M A CARRIE!  WHICH SEX IN THE CITY BROAD ARE YOU?!’).  this one asks the question, ‘how will you die?’  her result:  ‘political assasination.’

Your obsession with power will eventually be the end of you when you’re shot down by members of your own cabinet.

Rough way to go. We recommend writing up a good will, and shredding any documents that might paint you as a shady character. The last thing you need is your political legacy being destroyed when greedy relatives ransacking your mansion discover that you plagiarized your book report in fourth grade.

…yeah.  either Dionne Warwick really does have some psychic abilities, or…. yeah.

plus, she twittered about it.  OMG THIS IS SO SCARY!  WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO??  I KNOW, I’LL TWEET!  wtf.  give me a break please, someone.  expeditiously.

even that hardcore conservative chick doesn’t believe it.  and if SHE has decided to put down her cup of koolaid on this one, i think we could all stand to look twice at this pot of bullshit stew.

sorry, ash.  you’re walkin this one without me, my sister.

thanks to okp for all the links & theorem.

cnn’s ‘black in america’



i want to begin this entry by giving props for good intentions.  it was really well intended. but.

basically the message i took from it is that if you’re black and living in america, you’re either light skinned and the member of a family of generations of college graduates, or you’re a dirt poor single parent with hypertention, diabeetus, and potentially HIV.

my biggest issue, first and foremost, was that motherfucking kangol wearing spoken word dude.  WHAT THE DAMN HELL.  WHY MUST SPOKEN WORD BE PRESENT IN EVERY EXHIBITION OF BLACKNESS.  like, is this the new alternative to gun-toting dope-slangin gangbanger imagery that we’re trying to shake?  you can’t do that with nothin but a wack ass poem?  really?  GO AWAY.  GO TO HELL AND GO AWAY.  IN THAT ORDER.

second to that, i found the lack of explanation of all the problems that black people have disturbing.  like how can you discuss the wuthering differences in the educations that blacks receive vs. whites without saying two words about brown vs. the board of education?  the only way that link could be more direct is if it had a neon sign on its head, blinking ‘OH SHIT! THIS IS WHY RON-RON CAN’ T READ, YALL!’  and the dude raising his two kids alone who was being put out of his apartment?  it was explained that they were living in poverty, and that there are countless numbers of other black ppl living in poverty as well.  so im like okay…. why is he living in poverty?  just b/c he’s black?  lol is this encoded in our genes or something?  am i not black because i am not impoverished, but rather balling out of control, poppin bottles and collars with each step i take through life?  you know what i mean?  now, i have a good idea of why they’re impoverished, because as a black person, i know how it is.  but to the unblack people out there watching.. i sat and wondered at the ponderances that the lack of explaining allowed for.  my boss, sitting in his million dollar home outside of the city limits, could see a man unable to feed his children and think, ‘oh, he’s not trying hard enough,’ or ‘he’s probably on drugs, living on welfare’ or somethin like that.  there was no context or history given to a lot of the problems.  let ‘black in america’ tell it, black people have hypertension because a slave master licked the cheek of his slaves and put them on boats to the middle passage because they tasted salty enough.

…what in corseted confederate hell?

like.  i dont think its possible to have a discussion on the shit stuck to the bottom of black america’s shoes without talking about slavery (beyond some freak licking his slaves).  that’s what has us in the messes we’re in today.  not totally and completely of course, but you know what i mean.    the huge disparity in wealth, white privilage.  black and white america are still essentially living separately, and the root of all those problems can be traced directly to slavery.

problem is, white people (generally) do not respond well to discussions of slavery at all.  maybe that’s why they left it out.  i mean i assume that that’s largely who this series is created for anyway, and if they want white people to watch it, they can’t scare them away as soon as it starts.  i find that when you bring it up, a lot of white folk are prone to get defensive, and wonder why we just won’t forget it, why not let it go and move on, why are we punishing white people today for the sins of their ancestors.  which, of course, sensible black people do not and will not do.  its not trying to hold current day white people accountable for slavery, its explaining how we *all* got into this mess.  but, trying to get that point across is like trying to squeeze mo’nique in a latex jumper without oiling her up first. 

OH!  oh, and this really rubbed sandpaper on my spleen.. the discussion of black women dating white men?  HA!  so basically there arent any black women who date outside their race just cause they want to.  its because there arent any good black men available.  rotfl.  that’s hogwash, let me tell you, because i know for a fact that there are good black men out there, but im currently taking applications for vanilla cones cause my credit is JACKED and that’s not a good look in this speedballing-to-fucking-hell economy.  not because there aren’t any good black men out there.

i dunno.  i guess it was cool for what it was though.  i find it remarkable that CNN decided to embark on this journey in the first place.  i was actually suspicious.  like ‘wait.. it’s not black history month.  wtf is this about?’

in cnn’s defense,  when trying to tell the story of millions of people, literally, you have to generalize.  i just wish they had done a more inclusive job of it.. it basically just reaffirmed the images that a good portion of white america has of black america.

i cant say whether i’ll be tuning in tonight or not.  if that spoken word bastard is there then that’s a DEFINITE no.  i hate his ass.

Livin’ la Vida ‘Lycia: Life in the Fast Layne

isn’t that a super dope title idea for Alycia Layne’s reality show?  i thoughted of it myself!

speakin of ‘Lycia, there’s more foolishment about:  she’s suing her former employer for–you’ll never guess–defamation of character

right on, sister girl!  don’t you let them make an ass of somebody who sends scanty pictures to a married man!  don’t you let them strip you of your integrity, oh ye who smacks cops in the face and calls em dykes to boot! 

i tell you what, she looked at the entire world and was like ‘arright world, check me out, this is what’s finna happen.  im gonna act up at work and be mad when i get fired for it.  then ima assault a cop and be surprised when i get arrested for it.  THEN, you’re gonna pay my bills cause nobody’s gonna hire a cuckoling cop-beater.  and you will like it.  nay–you will LOVE it.’

move over, maya angelou.  lycia is my hero now.

|article & pic source|

better retardedly late than never: rape declared a war crime

and it only took thousands of years!

The UN is also setting up an inquiry to report next June on how widespread the practice is and how to tackle it.

Human-rights group hailed the resolution as historic.

The BBC’s Laura Trevelyan said China, Russia, Indonesia and Vietnam had all expressed reservations during the negotiations, asking whether rape was really a matter for the UN security council.

But the US-sponsored resolution was adopted unanimously by the 15-member council.

It described sexual violence as “a tactic of war to humiliate, dominate, instil fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group”.

The document said that the violence “can significantly exacerbate situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security”.

During the debate in the council, Mr. Ban said: “Responding to this silent war against women and girls requires leadership at the national level.”

“National authorities need to take the initiative to build comprehensive strategies while the UN needs to help build capacity and support national authorities and civil societies,” he added.




YES! more alicia layne tomfuckery!

im gonna go ahead and start that countdown to the reality show.  its coming.  oh, sweet moses, it’s coming.

wtf tho, larry mendte?! LOL!  remember when he was all shocked and sullen when reporting on Alicia fightin that cop in NY?  lmao

philly news = better than reality tv

An attorney representing KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte says the FBI searched his client’s home in a case involving former co-anchor Alycia Lane — and her attorney suggests that it involves a possible invasion of her privacy.


Mendte’s attorney, Michael A. Schwartz, said FBI agents approached his client Thursday and searched his Chestnut Hill home in connection with “claims made by Alycia Lane.”

“Larry is cooperating fully with the investigators and hopes to promptly reach a resolution of this matter,” he said Saturday night.

Lane’s attorney, Paul R. Rosen, denied that his client had made “any claims involving anyone.”

Channel 3 released a statement to Action news. It says ” late last week CBS 3 became aware of an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office regarding anchor Larry Mendte. CBS 3 is cooperating fully with that office in this matter.” The statement went on to say Mendte will not be on broadcasts, pending further investigation.

“The investigation by the FBI and the direction it took was done by the federal government and not by Alycia Lane,” Rosen said. “She was shocked when she learned of any invasion of her privacy.”

The station said it was cooperating fully with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in its investigation involving Mendte.

Mendte, 51, who has been with the CBS-owned station for nearly five years, has won 43 Mid-Atlantic Emmy awards.

Lane was fired in January after she was accused of hitting a New York City police officer the month before. Felony charges against her were later dropped and a judge further reduced the charges in February, agreeing to dismiss them if she stays out of trouble for six months.

Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer,

Information from wire reports was used in this story


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