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so this happened, too.

during my november hiatus, something cool happened when dr. drew found and read the potentially inappropriate love letter i wrote to him.  in addition to that, something… interesting happened when one of the members of the group Highland Place Mobsters saw that he and his homies made my list of ‘obscure r&b covers.’

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so, you’re buying Tyrese’s book, huh?

that’s pretty cool.  i mean i kind of question it, given his history of hard to decipher, slightly asinine tweet philosophising, but it’s your money.  do what you will with it.

something you should know, though.. for Tyrese, “staying out of your own way” apparently means stalking your baby’s mother and sleeping in your car in front of her place all night.  yeah, that happened.  last night, actually.

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and now, life lessons with Jawn Murray.


today’s lesson:  “i’m sorry you feel that way” is NOT an apology.

(UPDATE:  If you’re unsatisfied with J. Murray’s apology, contact Tariq Muhammad of AOL Black Voices. (via

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def jam to nas: ‘nigga, please!’

so there’s rumors flurrying about that def jam is finna drop nas from the lable due to the title of his new album (entitled “Nigger”).  i jacked this from somebody who jacked it from  now, it’s mediatakeout, and they’re in the process of getting sued for misinformation, so.. have your grains of salt ready.  this is a quote from their insider:

“There is no way that we can put out an album with that title. Many retailers have already told us – flat out – that they won’t carry [an album with that title] … Nas’ last album [Hip Hop Is Dead] sold pretty well, but not well enough for the headache he’s causing [the label].”

to re-cap:  wanna say ‘nigger/nigga’ every other line in your multi-platinum hippety-hoppety rap song?  cool.  wanna put the word on the front of the album?  uncool. 

asked to comment, def jam remarked:  ‘don’t trust them new niggas over there.’ 

kanye reaches the black youth

who says kids don’t listen anymore?  they may not listen to you, or to their moms and dads, or their teachers, but bet your life that they’ll listen to their favorite rapper!  remember how kanye totally hated george bush on national television?  the babies heard it.  and they, too, agree.

she sooo just gave him the N!gga Please Award.

it dont even stop there.  hilary catches one too.  (i jacked these from okayplayer, btw)

i really hope their parents put them up to this.

and because things are always funnier with captions,

i dont really think hilary’s a bitch.  but this little girl clearly does so i put it there for her.

& bush, lolcat style:

i really do think he’s tryin to eat her soul, though.  so that’s there for me.

thank you, kanye.

hey, young world.

so superficially, this blog is to keep my artistic nozzle dripping during the cold winter months so that the pipes don’t freeze up altogether.  but really, its just an excuse for me to come here and judge people without people judging me for judging people. 

 wordpress is weird and i dont get it yet.  i wld tell my readers to hang in there and be patient with me, but i dont have any readers yet and may not have none at all.  which is cool.  the important thing here is that i get to point and laugh at things like this:

Leon & the People
mashed potatuhs!  gravy!  and cranberry sauce!  wooo-hoooo!

LOL.  yes, this is none other than the solo-named Leon of ‘Temptations’ and ‘The Little Richard Story’ fame.  boo boo musta bumped his head and thought cause he held a mic on camera, he can do it off camera too.  wooooo!  shut up!