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hair of the day

…surely this can’t get any worse.  right?


(found via this lovely lady’s flickr)

don’t ask me how i found this.

just don’t.

…say hi to Cora.  (no nudity, but still not work safe)

and if you can still stand it, say hi to her homegirl Jazzy, who is possiby one of the laziest stripper types in the business.  highlights:  the i-almost-fell wobble at 0:52 and the random unnecessary leg “kick” at 1:12.

your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

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one of the most disgusting commercials ive ever seen (updated)

ive been meaning to write about this for a long while

THIS shit makes me want to vomit up my entire life and hopes for the future.

i trust i dont have to say why this is the nastiest most disgusting tripe i have seen in many a year.


**UPDATE:  it has been brought to my attn that the vid above dont work no mo.  i cant see youtube at work (and barely at home, for that matter)… can someone tell me if either of these links involves a man sittin next to a water cooler chewin some mentos?


we tryna buy back our 40 acres (c) kanye

but hotdamnit.. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT

join me in thinking of better things he could have done with the money he spent on his eye, shall we? 

-a really, really big gift certificate to Cracker Barrell

-a shitload of various & sundry meat and cheese trays

-drugs, booze, or other self-medicating materials to dull the pain of having lost that eye in the first place

-the ‘hell date’ midgets


-an actor to pretend to be his father to give him all the hugs his real dad never did as a child

-lots & lots of disease-free whores

-even more potentially diseased whores (the fun part is not knowing what they have!)

-the masters to all of Disco Rick’s songs

things that will unfortunately not appear on this list:  validation, common sense, a functioning eye, rhyming ability.

im filing this one under ‘kill yourself expeditiously.’

boom kat’s music video.

…i’m sure that most of you know that this entry will not end well. let’s do it quick and dirty, like rippin off a band-aid.  (im havin trouble embedding the vid on this page, so if it doesnt show below, click here to watch it)


BITCH SIT THE FUCK DOWN. sorry, babies. put some ointment on it, it’ll feel better.

no but seriously, i hope puff meets her in an alley and catches another charge. aim for the vocal chords and kneecaps next time, puff.

and since no one else will say it-

i love me some janet but…this isnt good. janet, have a nap, wake up, try it again.

hey, young world.

so superficially, this blog is to keep my artistic nozzle dripping during the cold winter months so that the pipes don’t freeze up altogether.  but really, its just an excuse for me to come here and judge people without people judging me for judging people. 

 wordpress is weird and i dont get it yet.  i wld tell my readers to hang in there and be patient with me, but i dont have any readers yet and may not have none at all.  which is cool.  the important thing here is that i get to point and laugh at things like this:

Leon & the People
mashed potatuhs!  gravy!  and cranberry sauce!  wooo-hoooo!

LOL.  yes, this is none other than the solo-named Leon of ‘Temptations’ and ‘The Little Richard Story’ fame.  boo boo musta bumped his head and thought cause he held a mic on camera, he can do it off camera too.  wooooo!  shut up!