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gangster kenyans steal lions’ meal. narrated for the hearing impared.

saw this video on the daily what yesterday and thought it was the coolest, most insane thing i’d seen since the honey badger was introduced into my life.  it’s amazing.  so amazing that everybody needs to hear and see it, but what about the hearing impaired? don’t worry yall.  i got you.  i shall narrate it for u beneath the vid.

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and now, some valentime’s day trivia:

ur parents won't be too pleased when they find out what that heart REALLY means.

ah, valentimes.  the flowers.  the candy.  the last minute plunge into claustrophobia in the greeting card aisle at Walgreens. the annoying receptionist that makes sure you see the roses her fiancee sent her.  the bitter broads and brothers who gloom up your happy lovin’ ass with their LBS (lonely bitch status).  it’s all part and parcel.

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hey. HEY. yall see my new swag?

over there.  on the right.  your OTHER right.  that shoe.  that come-get-it shoe.  that one shoe.  that ‘i may have had my leg taken by the diabeetus, but this other foot gon stay FIERCE’ shoe.  it’s nice, right?  u jelly, huh?  i know, girl.  i know.

but i got good news for all the bloggers out there–you can get you one too!  all you have to do is sign up for the Red Pump Project’s 500 in 50 campaign.  if you don’t know, the Red Pump Project is a foundation dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS on the lives of women and girls.  you can find more info abt the project and its founders here.

and if you go here you can sign up for their 500 in 50 campaign, which is trying to round 500 bloggers up in the days leading to March 10th (National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day).  on that day, all participating bloggers are asked to do a bit of writing about HIV/AIDS stats/, info on the disease and it’s impact on women and girls, etc.  in return you get a badge of fierceness for your blog, and recognition and linkage at both Awesomely Luvvie AND The Fab Giver on that day.  click here for more info.

i’m all signed up and ready!  look, watch me do the stanky legg in my one undiabetic leg with my red pump on!  *falls over*

this is the dawning of the aaaaage of…. capricorn?

so!  today some man smacked all you zodiac obsessed yatches in the face when he announced that the zodiac that we all know and love has changed, complete with a new addition.  you were a Taurus yesterday?  hope you like being an Aries from now on!  got “sexy virgo” tatted on your tit?  better put a lion face over that!

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that’s what kwanzaa is all about, charlie brown.

koochiechakkakhan , brothers and sisters!

today is december 26th, the day after the white man’s holiday and the first day of Kwanzaa, a pan-african celebration of black history and culture.

and you know what?  nothing says black history and culture like a white woman making a kwanzaa cake.

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this christmas, elmo says:


(saw this at Target yesterday.  tried to move his hand off his furry little crotch in the name of decency, but it’s sewed on there, so elmo really means that shit.)

i guess i don’t really know if this school really exists

…but i have a theory.

must have been a great school, since the applicant was apparently there for 12 freaking years.



so.  it turns out that there really IS a school called Astronaut High School.  it also turns out that Tosh.0 went there.

im gonna call this a fluke.  it just so happens that this is a real place.  good thing he didn’t write “Ninja High School…” that’s just a little too hard to believe.

fantastic finds!

hey lovebugs!

updates have been slow and will continue to be due to life happening.  sorry!

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one day, you’re gonna shit yourself: a motivational message

i was in philly awhile ago.  i shared one of these with three other people.

it was a long night.

halfway through, it lead me to start preaching on how u have to live life now before u start shittin urself.  as i write this now, im sitting in a hotel room with my 84 year old grandmother and i found myself tweeting that same message.  this blog isn’t about me, but this sermon is one that the world needs to hear.

now im being silly of course, but im serious too.  im sure (and i hope) that my views on this will brighten one day, but right now, i fully believe, 100% that there is no dignity in growing old and that one day, all you’ll have is jello, Judge Judy, and shittin yourself.

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just because.

‘pump up the jam’ as performed by the kids of Kids Incorporated.