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video of the day: drinking out of cups

okay, some background to this video.  obviously lizards can’t talk.  and obviously this is not a real lizard.  the audio is real though; it’s apparently somebody trippin all over himself on acid and just talking completely crazy.  i find this to be excruciatingly hilarious.

this guy thinks he’s Captain Knots.  thinks he’s Captain Tyin-Knots.

who’s this guy, Mr. Balloons.  Mr. Balloon Hands, over here.


best halloween costumes ever of the day

try as you may, yours will not be this cool.

via threadbombing

inverted celebrity nipples of the day

Steve Harvey wins/loses!

anti-obama healthcare plan sign of the day

LOL.  so yall know i love President Boo (known also as Obama) with all my heart and soul til the end of all time, and i’m bout sick of all the Kanye hullabaloo as anyone, but this is too awesome.

(via the Huffington Post)

song of the day

the good homie dseals at high speed dubbing reminded me of how amazing this song is today.  ‘a toast to the people’ by brian jackson and gil scott heron.  enjoy!

thing i hope doesnt exist anymore of the day

if you can’t read the text, it says:

The Love Rug strokes your bodies as you make love. Once you feel the sensuous delight of the furry Love Rug, you’ll never go back to an ordinary bed again.  As you stroke, it strokes.  The incredibly soft, furlike fibers caress your bodies from head to toe.  It’s almost like having another lover there with the two of you.  The Love Rug is as beautiful to look at as it is to feel.  Only another animal of its stripe could tell that it wasn’t real fur.  Only$150 for you favorite animal texture.  Choose Mink, Lynx, or Jaguar.  But be sure to order now!

LOL.  don’t this sound like some shit from ‘Anchorman?’  i put money on it that dude wore Sex Panther to the photoshoot.  (from

Perry Bible Fellowship comic of the day

G.D. over at PostBourgie reminded me of how awesome these comics are.  check em out!

novel idea of the day

not like ‘i have a great idea for a novel!’

but like, ‘by jove!  that is a novel idea!’

bad idea of the day

really, white people?  yall thought this was wise?

worst boob job ever in the history of life of the day

son of a bitch, man.

this is one of those broads from the real housewives of some place or other.

…son.  like, how u gon put some boobs in a place that boobs dont even grow and expect it to look realistic?  he put them shits in her armpits.  aaabnormal.

and this is one of those times where im torn between being happy that she’s confident enough to put her praying mantis eyed-boobs on display for everyone to see and being sad that she apparently doesnt know they look like a pair of klackers on the upswing.

sad times foreveryone.

(pics via the huffington post)