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oh, somebody is getting this for christmas.

just bask in this for a moment.

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and now, life lessons with Jawn Murray.


today’s lesson:  “i’m sorry you feel that way” is NOT an apology.

(UPDATE:  If you’re unsatisfied with J. Murray’s apology, contact Tariq Muhammad of AOL Black Voices. (via

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Sammy Davis Jr. on Maury!

it’s days like this that i feel so ecstatic to not have a job.

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dear aretha franklin:


Aretha Franklin: Halle Berry Should Portray Me In Film

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i snapped this at my local Kroger in Louisville, KY.  madness.

mightiest mullet ever.

so a couple weeks ago i was havin lunch with a friend when i think i see something that i possibly couldn’t have seen out of the corner of my eye.  as long as i looked at him head-on, it was evident that i was looking at an asian man dressed in business casual clothing.  but then he turned around and…

‘…is that a tract of hair glued in the center of his head??’

I WAS SO THROWN!!  it really did look like he just had a regular guy’s hair cut and just laid a huge ream of Yaki in the middle of it, creating the mightiest mullet i have ever seen in my life.  and, need i remind you, i live in KENTUCKY, the #2 mullet capital of the world (indiana is #1).

and i dont know if this is racist or not, but what really messed me up about it was the fact that he was asian!  i have NEVER seen an asian man with a mullet before, and to have my first one be so dramatic.. i just didn’t know what to do with it.

so i took a picture of it.

im not good at being inconspicuous with my sneak picture taking so this is the best i could do.

and now, a love song from 50 Tyson.

first things first:  if you haven’t seen 50 Tyson at all, then you clearly haven’t been reading Splackavellie Central.  SHAME ON YOU.

50 Tyson is a kid from Minnesota who wants to be a rapper or already fashions himself a rapper and has put several videos of him freestyling on youtube (click the link above to get you a taste).  recently, the internets discovered that he’s not just a rapper… he’s a crooner, too.

but wait!  it gets weirder!

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hair of the day

…surely this can’t get any worse.  right?


(found via this lovely lady’s flickr)

your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

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see, black people?  this is how we’re gonna get ahead.  get up, get out, and get somethin.  meet Alabama’s Kim Malone, your sister in law.  not sister-in-law.  but your sister in law.  kinda like when somebody calls you her sister in Christ.  make sense?  awesome.

she’s here to give you straight legal talk when you need it most.  see that slight “i will bust yo ass” squint she’s got to her eyes?  that’s what you want in a lawyer.  somebody who gives it to everybody straight, no chaser.  and that appears to be what she’s all about.  according to the website, she also “(doesn’t) mind telling you when there is nothing left to do but PRAY!”  well praise God & pass the writ of habeas corpus!

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