questions?  comments?  suggestions?  corrections?  love donations?  credit collection notices? fan mail?  hate mail?  chain mail?  chain letters?  love letters?  wanna trade links?  wanna trade licks (RAWR!!)?  i want it.  i want it aaaaaaaaaall*


the sooner you send me fan mail, the sooner i stop stealing it from other people.

give it to me here.

or, for those with keener stalkerish tendencies and a need for instant gratification, you can follow me on twitter!  the account is private, but send a request and i’ll okay you as long as we’re not related.  🙂  get me here!

*except collection notices and chain letters.  keep those to your gotdamned selves.  thanks

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  1. writey mccomment

    brokey, thanks for the website. i have nothing to say, but was pained by the absence of any comments in the dancery. hey, here’s something. i think you should adopt the phrase, “I smell the peppa” to indicate agreement with someone. bring it nationwide under the mcpoverty banner. Do you smell the peppa on that, bmp?

  2. So, if you monitor your site hits, and I’d like to think that you do, I’m the weirdo who read all of your archives in one sitting. I would be slightly embarassed to admit it, but we all know there’s no such thing as shame on the internet.

  3. I found your blog by randomly googling “hilarious r and b moments” and backtracking through postbourgie. you are a fantastic writer, and your blog is one of the only ones that addresses things i think about and have no one (literally, nobody) to talk with about. so thank you, is what i am trying to say. you’re awesome.

  4. No….. You wanna see something that is NOT FUNNY

    (but is SOOOO funny?)

    I’m still mad I LMAO.

  5. Apparently I sent you the long version. Here’s the short one. With the slow motion re-play.

    The only reason I could laugh is because she was okay. Still a stupid move, though.

  6. dear dr. drew… would u mind 2 check me out…… or…
    twit me some road so i can walk…!/aiman181
    wish 2 be a frenzzz 4 some1 cool like u… hehehe…

  7. hilarious, why did it take me so long to find this site? i think it’s my new favorite thing

  8. I saw you link on OKP and came through to check you out. The Real Housewives of Civil Rights is hilarious, and your blogs are tight. Sexual Chocolate! [Drops the mic]

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