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america’s next top other

good news!  ive finally decided to stop being a lazy bastardess & get back to updating.  you’re welcome.

bad news:  im doped up on benadryl and cannot be held responsible for any wreckless turns that my literary coherence makes during this entry.  i’m sorry.

so, ive been out of the reality tv loop.  i did see hoopz beat whiteboy on ‘i love money.’  i wasnt very moved.  i mean im glad she won, but when it was over i realized that i never really gave a shilznilz who won; i was just in it for the food fights and wacked out, wtf-inducing marriage proposals.  bully for her, though.

i just caught ANTM for the first time in a couple of weeks.  isis is gone 😦  sorry, boo!  i hear that sean john is lookin at u tho, so you’re straight.  i guess… i’m tryin to decide who’d be the biggest nutjob to work for–tyra or diddy.  jury’s still out; i’ll get back to ya! (c) sarah ‘heels are on, brain cells are lonely’ palin.

i was thrilled to see that marjorie is still kickin much international ass.  i LOVE that girl, i swear to bob.. she’s so cute! she’s like a little church mouse who hasnt eaten in 12 years but won’t ask for a crumb of your bacon egg & cheese croissant because she doesn’t want to be rude!  how precious is that?!  and she takes the most awesome pics, and is even better at takin instruction.. she’s hands down the one to beat, at least right now.  i wish they’d stop playin that damn franch music everytime she’s on the screen tho.  it was funny before i liked her.  BACK OFF, ANTM MUSIC EDITOR GUY!

i can’t remember if i liked analeigh or not, but i was glad that she did well.  elina seems to be fallin off a bit; ordinarily i’d feel some kinda way about that but i dunno.  she’s kinda fallen off my radar since they gave her that wack ass makeover.  the whole vegan-who-hates-pretty-much-everything vibe doesn’t jive as well beneath strawberry blonde hair.

i am, however, glad that she stayed and what’s her name is out; elina definitely has talent.  what’s her name was forgettable (clearly). lauren something-or-other; she was in the bottom two along with ‘yellow fever’ sheena who, of course, was referenced as bein all kinds of ‘hooch’ for most of the time that she was on screen.

i take issue with that, and its kind of hard for me to articulate why (especially whilst floatin on this benadryl cloud.  this stuff is AWESOME).  ive always been of the opinion that the judges on this show latch on to the ‘otherness’ of many of the contestants, and often, when it comes to ethnic/marginalized girls, they consider it a negative.  i’m particularly reminded of how my blood used to boil during past cycles when they’d keep telling one or several of the girls that they’re being too ‘ghetto,’ or in some rare cases to be MORE ghetto, like there arent any other constructive terms to use that they’d be able to understand.  like, it was annoying when tyra did it, but when non-black folks did it it was just offensive.  that’s what this puts me in the mind of.  like, i dunno.  when sheena decided to pose by putting that bag in her cooch, alright.  lol i can agree that that was a poor decision that created skankalicious effects.  but i cant help but wonder if one of the blonde girls did it.  wld they have been all kinds of skanks and hoochies then? i personally dont see a lot of the things they call ‘hooch’ as such.  but i mean, she’s curvy.  she has the most authentic body of any of the girls there (fake boobs included)… maybe folks there just arent familiar with the way a body like that moves.  she has boobs that actually cover her breast bone, so OMG, her sex is out of control!  look at them, they bounce when she walks!!  but then again, maybe she can’t help it.  she’s exotic!  she’s dark & mysterious.. women like that can’t control their libido, they have extra just like black ppl have an extra bone in their legs that makes them run faster.

i dunno.  my cloudy brain is halfway recalling a white chick they kept calling stripper-like some cycles past so iono what to make of it all really.  i just know it doesnt sit well with me at all.

all that aside, i think she’ll be next to go next week.  her boring pictures may prove to be a vaccine for the ‘yellow fever’ after all.


…and benadryl!