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possibly the most awesome book ever.

eliyzabethholy  balls!!  i cant even remember what delicious path of light and luck i was travelling down when i stumbled upon this gem but, omg.  this shit is marvelous for several reasons, which i shall detail to you right here and right now.

1.  the title. this book is called BIRTH CONTROL IS SINFUL IN THE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES and also ROBBING GOD OF PRIESTHOOD CHILDREN!!  just like that.  all capital letters.  think im lyin?  look up there at the book cover.

2.  the cover. between everything being written in capital letters, and my  girl’s hair and outfit, its safe to say that the only thing that can make this cover any better is ninjas and unicorns.  also, i dont know if u can see it, but beneath that lovely picture is a little by-line that gives u a hint to the goodness to be had once you compose yourself enough to get past the brilliance of the cover and actually open the book:  MANY FALSE CHRIST MARRIAGES ARE LIVING ON BIRTH CONTROL AND NOW LEADING THE AMERICAN CHURCH WEALTH!  o shit!  u see that exclamation point?  its about to get real!

oh also i should point this out… dont let the early 90s bumper curl fool you.  this book was published in 2008.

3.  the entire book is written in capital letters. i shit you not.  look at this screenshot:

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