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i’m all for suing people and everything.

but come on, lady.  you know you in the wrong right here.

Woman Says JC Penny Refused Service Because She is Black

LOS ANGELES — A woman is suing a local beauty salon for what she claims is a blatant act of discrimination.

Brenda McElmore says she went to a JC Penny’s hair salon in Downey two months ago to get her hair dyed and was refused service.

“We don’t do African-American hair.” McElmore said she was told by a receptionist and a manager.  McElmore says she was then told to go elsewhere to get her hair done.

McElmore says she faced similar indignities when she was growing up.

“When we were going through town, going through Texas, we would have to ask, “Where is the Black part of town?” “I lived those things,” she added.

In a letter sent to McElmore by JC Penny, the company apologized for her experience, but said that the hairdressers at the salon did not have the proficiencies to perform the services she required, and that they would rather not attempt to do her hair if they cannot perform the service as required.

However, a witness for the plaintiff, who is being represented by Gloria Allred, said that licensed cosmetologists are trained to do hair of customers of every race.


would you trust your fingerwaves, french rolls, & waterfall curls to this lady?

would you trust your fingerwaves, french rolls, & waterfall curls to this lady?

okay.  i mean i guess technically, she’s right.  they did refuse her service because of her ethnicity.  TECHNICALLY.  but they didnt turn her away b/c she’s black, they did it b/c they dont know how to do her hair.  what they shld have done was tell her flat out ‘we dont know how to do black folk’s hair, but if you want to let us try anyway, we will, but don’t bite our heads off if it comes out shitty/bald/etc.’ 

but come on now.  i dont buy for 2 seconds that line abt all hairdressers being trained to do all hair types.  or okay, i can buy that it’s part of their training.  but if after that training is over, you work in predominantly white or black salons, how sharp are your hair skills gon be on heads of different textures?  i can tell you off top, i am not takin my naps to somebody who hasnt had them at some point in his/her life.  i dunno if she’s had that wig plastered to her head for so long that she thinks it’s her natural texture or what, but really.  she shld know better.

plus she’s in freaking LA.  why she tryna get her hair done at JC Penny anyway?? aint no black hair spots in LA???