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christmas carol spotlight: ‘baby, it’s cold outside’

Where did you find that photo of Skeevy Santa getting his Thomas Jefferson/Strom Thurmond on? (c) miss kate/lite bread

so i recently noticed just how freakin close to christmas we’re getting.  i love christmas.  hands down one of my favorite times of the year.  i love the feeling in the air, the jingle bells and all that jazz, the terrible christmas decorations.  but most of all, i loooooove christmas music!  so, ive decided that from now til christmas, we’re gonna have a christmas bonanza!  all christmas talk, all the time (or at least whenever i get around to updating, lol).  one thing i wanna do is discuss some of my favorite/unfavorite christmas carols individually in a christmas carol spotlight type of feature.  first up, ‘baby, it’s cold outside.’

…i hate this damn song.

i think what makes me angriest about it is that we’ve all been hoodwinked into thinking it such a simple, sweet, clever, cozy little ditty.  oh, yeah.  crank it at your christmas parties.  sing it with your sweet, innocent little children in the car on the way to mee-maw’s house.  choreograph a funny little number to perform at your office christmas party.  let it be known, though, that YOU ARE DANCING TO DATE RAPE.

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