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christmas carol spotlight: ‘baby, it’s cold outside’

Where did you find that photo of Skeevy Santa getting his Thomas Jefferson/Strom Thurmond on? (c) miss kate/lite bread

so i recently noticed just how freakin close to christmas we’re getting.  i love christmas.  hands down one of my favorite times of the year.  i love the feeling in the air, the jingle bells and all that jazz, the terrible christmas decorations.  but most of all, i loooooove christmas music!  so, ive decided that from now til christmas, we’re gonna have a christmas bonanza!  all christmas talk, all the time (or at least whenever i get around to updating, lol).  one thing i wanna do is discuss some of my favorite/unfavorite christmas carols individually in a christmas carol spotlight type of feature.  first up, ‘baby, it’s cold outside.’

…i hate this damn song.

i think what makes me angriest about it is that we’ve all been hoodwinked into thinking it such a simple, sweet, clever, cozy little ditty.  oh, yeah.  crank it at your christmas parties.  sing it with your sweet, innocent little children in the car on the way to mee-maw’s house.  choreograph a funny little number to perform at your office christmas party.  let it be known, though, that YOU ARE DANCING TO DATE RAPE.

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the 5 saddest christmas songs ever in life

hello, sugar plums!  part of me feels i should apologize for the erratic/sporadic updates as of late.  it’s holiday christmas season time, and my imaginary ADD is kickin in somethin fierce.  but really… things are always erratic/sporadic here, so i guess this isn’t anything new.  nonetheless, i apologize.

now!  given that it’s time to deck them halls and all that jazz, ive been singing and humming christmas songs more and more frequently.  i loooove christmas.  and christmas songs.  they’re so happy and cheerful and fun and heart-warming.  something that i have never ever understood in the history of my 27 years is the existance of sad christmas songs.  why??  why do we need those?  who said that was okay?  how would you like it if somebody busted up in your birthday party and started singing ‘tears in heaven‘ or ‘the drugs don’t work?’  im pretty sure that’s how Jesus feels when yall start with the sad christmas song singin (im sure he feels weird about everybody celebratin his birthday at the wrong time of year, too, but i digress).

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