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cutest commercial ive seen in awhile of the day

omg.  i saw this while i was at home and turned into the biggest girl what with the ‘AWWWWWW!’s and the ‘OMG HOW CUTE IS THAT??!!’s.  i havent seen it on the air up here in philly so i guess this may be new to some east coasters.  or not.  i dont care, i just thought it was adorable.

one of the most disgusting commercials ive ever seen (updated)

ive been meaning to write about this for a long while

THIS shit makes me want to vomit up my entire life and hopes for the future.

i trust i dont have to say why this is the nastiest most disgusting tripe i have seen in many a year.


**UPDATE:  it has been brought to my attn that the vid above dont work no mo.  i cant see youtube at work (and barely at home, for that matter)… can someone tell me if either of these links involves a man sittin next to a water cooler chewin some mentos?