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back to crack: winehouse caught in the act

supposedly.  i mean its The Sun.  and that’s run by Brits.  you know how the Brits are.*

i dont even think there’s too much to say about this.  she a crackhead.  the sky’s blue.  that’s kinda just how things are in the atmosphere.

what i do want to draw your attention to, though, is the angriest wedding photo in the world:

‘RAR!  i hate photographs that capture blissful matrimonial moments!’

tell u what, though.  i hope she gets help, but i think more than that, i hope this writer’s strike ends soon so that SNL can harvest this fine, fine crop of untapped unintentional comedy that’s been sproutin up everydamnwhere. 

*i actually dont have a concrete prejudice here, believe it or not.  i ifgured you cld make up your own.