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note to self: don’t fucking lie to david letterman.

so, here’s what happened while i was out watching the phillies eat dirt today:

john mccain, while preparing to appear on the tonight show with david letterman, notices that the economy has a raging teminal case of crotch rot, and decides that he has to do something about it.  now.  right now, he’s just gotta fix it.  so, he cancels on letterman.  letterman gets my silver-haired boo keith olbermann to fill in.

letterman is like cool.  bully old mccain.  good guy.

at some point during the night, letterman gets word that not only did mccain not rush to the airport to cure the economic crotch rot, but his ensure-drinkin ass is being interviewed by katie couric.   right down the street.

dave, being the subtle guy he is, exposes the wrinkle little weeble wobble for the ancient liar he is.

please watch this & spread it around like herpes before it gets pulled (thanks to deadline hollywood daily for this).