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black music nobody remembers but me: slow love

docboxbfreshim bringin back this feature as a part of my Great Big Gotdamn Black History Month extravaganza.  this installment brings us:  ‘slow love’ by doc box and b. fresh.

i asked a couple of people about this song in the past couple of weeks and nobody remembered it but me.  surprise surprise, huh?  this was my shit tho; its another of the songs i used to sit and watch the jukebox for hours for, waiting for it to come on.  this joint dropped in 1990.  that’s 18 years ago.  i dont want to discuss how old that makes me feel.  i was 8 years old then.  eight!!!!  eight young tender supple years old!!  omg.  i loooooved this song man.  firstly, the beat was and still is bangin.. when it drops in the beginning after dude is like-

‘…buss it.’

what??!  are you kidding me??  if your head is sittin still on your neck when you hear that, then you may have gotten some faulty musical judgement genes and you have my sympathy.  and when i was little i liked dude in the vid because i thought he had pretty hair.  i clearly had no knowledge or concept of the s-curl back then.

anyway, this song stands out to me today because it reminds me that there was a time when you couldn’t say the word ‘breast’ in a song on the radio.  oh yeah.  those days did exist.  tough to believe when you got shit talkin bout ‘she gon let me beat beat beat beat beat’ on the radio these days.  it’s true though.  listen for the censoring around the 2:31 minute mark.  in the middle of the rhymin, debra killings (who is supplying the vocals) randomly and arbitrarily sings ‘baaaay-bee!’ where the word ‘breast’ would/should have been.

i dont remember anything else these two did.  brownie points if anyone else does.  brownie points + my eternal gratitude if anybody else at least remembers THIS song.

anyone?  bueller?