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hey.  see that up there?  do you know what that is?

that is a Chicken Little.  if you don’t know what i’m talkin about, then it’s sad times for you because they’re extinct.  and here’s why you should be outraged:

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the fattest thing i ever ate: a review.

if you are well versed in internets, you know about the bacon obsession swimming around the foodie world.  if there’s any random product, edible or otherwise, that  you’d like to see injected with bacon, somebody in the internets has probably had the same thought, and made it happen.  bacon salt.  bacon mayonnaise.  bacon mints.  bacon in a bottle.  bacon envelopes. bacon bra.   you dream it, it’s probably out there.

i was perusing the aisles of my favorite snazzy wine spot the other day  and was looking at all the bourgie artisan snacks and treats they also carry.  they specialize in dry meats (*snicker*) and stinky cheese.  i have little interest in either.  i DO have an interest in chocolate though.  i also have an interest in bacon.  my mind was sort of blown when i saw this:

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early onset thanksgiving-induced itis


this is my nephew.  he’s the cutest, cuddliest, most unfriendliest thing ever.  he, his dad/my brother, and my mom drove aaaaaaaall the way up from ky to spend thanksgiving with me and im just getting around to posting these pictures.

here’s some of what we cooked:


after this became this, we noticed that the baby was unnaturally quiet and found him knocked out on the floor by the couch.


its pretty much the youngest case of the itis ive ever seen. and the cutest.  🙂

this is extra super duper late, but i hope everyone’s thanksgiving was as delicious and fuzzy as mine.  it wasnt cuter though.  no way it could have been cuter than that!