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fun with google image search: Olan Mills

here’s a confession for you:  i have never, ever taken an Olan Mills portrait, neither solo nor with family, and i gotta tell you… i feel like i’m missing out on an important part of the black experience.  one of my current life dreams/goals is to go get one of those 2-part pictures, the one with you sitting and smiling happily in the foreground, and a picture of your serious thoughtful face floating around in the back ground.  yall know what i’m talkin bout, right?

so until that happens, i have to sate myself with looking at others.  i found some fun ones via google’s image search.  not all of them are Olan Mills, but all of them are freakin hilarious.

*The library backdrop. Oh, why hello there, young scholar!  How lucky of you to find me here amongst my many leather-bound books!  It is here that I spend all of my days meandering among those who truly understand me: Tolstoy, Euripides, Kafka, and Sista Soulja.

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