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‘Donnie McClurkin Likes Dick: The Musical’

hello, young man. come and let me lay some holy hands on that ass.

and it’s okay.  it’s okay that donnie mcclurkin likes dick.  really.  i don’t give a shit.  nobody else does either.  well, i guess the portion of his fans/supporters that are conservative anti-gay christians may care and as a result may stop buying his music.  and i guess that’s why he’s been caught out in the streets being his hypocritical self again, this time picking on gay youth.  personally, im bored with it.  i think the things he’s saying abt gay folk are abhorrent, and while im being angry abt it, im also feeling very sorry for him too.  there’s somethin tragic at work here that makes him and others like him feel like being gay isn’t okay.  and that’s sad.

seeing him do this again is very angering though.  earlier today i thought it wld be a good idea to write a song called ‘donnie mcclurkin likes dick,’ because i am one of those people who feels that her inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions are best described in interpretive dance, monologues, or in song form.  problem is im not that great a song writer so i can’t compose a sweeping instrumental good enough to bear the weight of my words.

so i stole somebody else’s.  i thought you’d be able to hear it better if it was done in ‘to-the-tune-of’ style.  disclaimer:  this is probably, on some level, blasphemous and offensive as the word “Christian” appears alongside other such words as “dick,” “cock,” and “nigga.”  but i don’t care.  if u will, stop reading and go away.

if u wont, LET THE PARTY BEGIN!  to the tune of lil flip’s ‘game over’ (an oldie, and a generally terrible song, but ‘flip’ and ‘dick’ rhyme too well to ignore)!

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silly aussies: the 50 gayest songs of all time

the merry folks over at SameSame, an autralian lesbigay site, have compiled a list of the 50 gayest songs of all time.  i suppose it’s at least moderately thorough; they include everyone’s favorite rainbow standards, like ‘Macho Man’ and ‘YMCA’ by the Village People, ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weather Girls (i see you blaine and antwan!), and Madonna’s ‘Vogue.’ 

sadly, though, they totally skipped the steamy world or homoeroticism in american hip hop.  there’s some pretty gay shit out there.  they missed classics like:

.:: TI’s ‘Top Back’ remix feat Young Jeezy – “tell them f*ggot ass niggas to wrap they lips around my dick”

.:: DMX’s ‘Party Up’ – “and all you niggas thats been to jail before/suck my dick” :: “yall niggas remind me of a strip club/cause everytime you come around its like (what)/i just gotta get my dick sucked’

.:: DK Quik’s ‘Dollaz & Sense’ – “now, i never had my dick sucked by a man befo’/but you gon be the first you little trick ass hoe/then you can tell me just how it taste/but before i nut i shoot some piss in your face”

.:: Dr. Dre’s ‘Fuck with Dre Day’ (featuring Snoop Dogg)– “nigga bow down to the row/fuckin me, now im fuckin you, little hoe” :: “Luke’s bendin over/so Luke’s gettin fucked” :: “I’m hollerin 1-8-7 with my dick in your mouth, beeyatch” :: “gap teeth in your mouth/so my dick’s gots to fit/with my nuts on ur tonsils/while ur onstage rappin at ur wack ass concerts” :: “All these sucka ass niggaz can eat a fat dick/Yeah, Eazy-E Eazy-E Eazy-E can eat a big fat dick/Tim Dog can eat a big fat dick/Luke, can eat a fat dick, yeah”

it dont get no mo homo than that, do it?