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MTV foils Gnarls Barkley’s plot to take over the world via an army of epileptic zombies.


and they wld have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.

the official news is that mtv won’t play gnarls barkley’s new video ‘run’ because it cldn’t pass the Harding Test due to its strobing graphics.

but i think we all know the real story.  step one:  produce & record a fucking awesome song.  step two:  add some batshit flashing lights and erratically moving lines, horizontal, vertical AND diagonal, motherfucker.  step three:  slip in some subliminal messages in a frequency that only epileptics can hear as they lay flailing and cussing on the floor in front of their tv screens, and VOILA.  an army of epileptic zombies to do ceelo & danger mouse’s twisted bidding.  GENIUS.

well i guess when you consider how easy it wld be to kill an epileptic zombie.  i mean, just walk around with a strobe light.  they’re already slow as smoke off of shit anyway, that’d just stop them in their slow ass tracks and make them EASIER to kill than they already are by rendering the one advantage they have–the huge ass number of them that they like to travel in–useless. 

so i guess maybe mtv did gnarls barkley a favor.  that was a pretty dumbass plan, ceelo and dangermouse.

take a look at the vid tho.  i dont think it’s that bad.  then again, i dont have epilepsy.  and occasional case of chronic constipation, yes.  but epilepsy, no.

the song’s a banger, too.

in retrospect, i wonder if this entry is insensitive to epileptics?  if so, i didnt mean it.  mama loves you, babies.  have a cookie.

new gnarls barkley!


i feel like mario & luigi shld be in there somewhere.

even when my dude was with goodie mob, i always said that id sit and listen to cee-lo sing the phone book for the rest of my life if the good shepherd ever presented me with the option.  i loved the first gnarls album, now im pretty fricken geeked for the second.

i was gonna blog abt the announcement of the album anyway, but luck decided to be a lady and reveal herself in the form of this blog.  click that link to download ‘run,’ a new cut from the duo, and this one to read the rolling stone’s review of the album.

hey, if u listen to it, let me know how it is.  i cant download it @ work, and Lucille, my home computer, is in a coma right now (get better, boo!).

somehow i never knew his teeth were that white & flawless.  with his mouth closed, he looks like he shld have teeth like the hessian from ‘sleepy hollow.’