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deadliest warrior green beret vs spetsnaz recap/review


another tuesday, another night filled to the hilt with blood, guts, and killin shit.  who could ask for anything more?!

last night we saw the green berets of the good ol US of A battle it out with the russian spetsnaz.  two sercret police forces that go thru rigorous training and no doubt require a certain degree of mental insanity if one is to become a success.  and by ‘become a success’ i mean kill lots of motherfuckers before you yourself get a grenade shoved into one of your orifices. or retire.  whichever comes first.

now i personally find the matchups featuring hand-to-hand combat to be the best shows.  cause i mean, i dunno.  if u put a gun in my hand, i’ll be pretty deadly.  but put me in a ring with an apache?  it’ll be a MIRACLE if i get out of there with my life AND my scalp.  you know what i mean?  i hear a lot of people say that this episode and the yakuza vs mafia episode weren’t all that great.  i can see that reasoning.  that being said, i found last night’s ep to be pretty freakin awesome.

i was very interested in who would win this episode; there’d been some buzz and speculation abt a western/american/generally white bias when it comes to DW winners.  ironically, at the beginning of this episode, the dr is asked who he’s putting his money on, and he blatantly says ‘im goin with the americans, because that’s my hometown.’  first thing i thought was ‘how is all of america your hometown?  u caint be from EVERY state, dummy!’  and the second thing i thought was ‘wow, they aint even tryin to hide it!’

so i figured id keep my eye out during the show, and ultimately decided that american hometown allegiance didnt interfere with fair judging and analysis.

spoilers ahead!  dont say i didnt warn u!

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