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deadliest warrior 4/28 recap/review


okay so i was outta town when i saw the pirate vs knight episode of the deadliest warrior.  i wanted to do a review like, immediately afterward, but i cldnt because my mom’s computer is a dinosaur and there was no one to steal internet from in her neighborhood.  how lame.

anyway though, i caught the show (of course) and… i dunno how i feel about it, man.  i mean when i heard abt the matchup, i instantly wanted the pirates to win.  cause i mean come on.  pirates are AWESOME.  knights are all clunkin around in all that armor and gallopin on fruity little horses and shit.  totally not gangster.  plus, pirates had guns and absolutely no honor whatsoever!  guns + no morals = omg!  i also figured that in a fight against anyone else, the knight was at a disadvantage because of that damn armor.  seems like itd be difficult to get around in, no?  and unless you’re fighting someone else who’s encased in the same shit, well, they can move faster than u can and they have the upper hand.

turns out i was right about some things and i was wrong about some things.  at the end of the show, i felt very confused inside cause i dont know that the winner should have won.  spoilers after the jump!

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