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remember when lolcats were funny?

i can still remember the day i first stumbled onto those ridiculous pictures of cats with hilarious, grossly spelled and worded captions.  they were quirky.  they were random.  most importantly, they were funny.  now, they kinda suck.  no more surprise buttsecks or politically incorrect costumes or gratuitous harbls.  now they’re just… meh.  too much cute and corny.

whatever.  anyway, in my random internet journey this morning, i don’t know how i stumbled upon this collection of lolcats, but i did, and i cackled my fool head off.  i’m prolly the only nerd who cares but im puttin em up anyway bc this is my house and i will do as i damn please!

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fun with google image search: diabeetus!

known also as:  ‘The Sugar’

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after these messages

we’ll be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight back!

(it’s hiatus time again.  sorry, babies!)