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‘this is it’: a slightly emo review

sooooooooo.  went to check out MJ’s ‘This is It’ last night.  i guess i don’t have to worry about spoiling the film because we all know how it ends 😦

there’s actually not too much to say about the actual film footage.  it was what it was: a nicely edited collection of video recorded rehearsals of what was to be his sold out 50 performance show.  it is edited in such a way that you feel like you feel like you’re being taken through the show, starting at the first song michael wanted to do and ending with the song he chose to close.  mike says that he’s not really singing because he has to save his voice, and it looks like he’s putting forth little effort when it actually comes to singing.  but light singing for mike is normal singing for anyone else, and i didn’t realize that he wasn’t really giving it his all til he said so.  we get to see what the set design would have looked like and the vignettes that would have been shown throughout the show.  it was neat.  and it was sad, because u do know how the story ends.  its sort of like watching captured video of the first 8 months of a woman’s pregnancy, all the excitement and preparation, all the while knowing that that baby would never ever take its first breath.

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um, joe jackson, wtf?

got this from the good ppls @ postbourgie.

okay.  maybe he’s crazy with grief.  but i think its common knowledge that he’s just fucking crazy, flat out.  promoting ur business at a time like this?

how do u grow up sane with this behind the wheel? blood is on the dancefloor, blood is on… joe jackson’s hands?

a quick post-script:  things will be slow around here for a little while; im in the middle of a humungous, annoying move from philly to louisville, ky.  so im alive!  and i havent forgotten abt u!  im just being tortured with boxes and packing tape!

a very unfortunate picture of michael jackson.

so. i lifted these from listoftheday.

here’s michael jackson some days ago out in public wearing a zorro mask for reasons that i’m sure have even sweet baby jesus mystified. and now, here’s michael getting into his ride:

is… is that… is that a collage of naked babies sticking out of that bag?