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is he 18 yet? + in defense of amy (for once)

here’s a quick 2 piece for yall:

firstly, mike from HBO’s ‘the wire’:

tristan wilds aka mike from the wire
i bet this one tastes like sunshine & flintstone vitamins. 10 million strong & growing INDEED.

so i know he looks like he’s about 12 in that picture. and there’s a good chance that he probably was. but! good news! according to wikipedia, he was born in 1988 which makes him.. let’s see.. carry the one.. put a decimal point here… that would be a strapping and completely legal 20 years old soon, if not by now (sidebar: how fucked up is it that kids born in 1988 are even CLOSE to 20?? i feel beyond old!) . now the thing is, u have to watch the show to get the full grasp of the budding sexiness (plus its an awesome show and yo monkey asses shld be watchin anyway). but yeah, im callin it. as soon as he can grow a beard: fie fie delish.


im not aware if ppl know that amy winehouse used to be hot. well, correction: that she used to let her style team *make* her hot. its pretty clear that she’s got some pretty unfortunate genes and biological shit goin on. but yeah man, ever since those pictures of amy with her new blonde hurrdo surfaced, ppl have just been vicious! and i mean its not like it was without reason.. she do still look a mess. but still. my concern here is that ppl think she was ALWAYS a mess. untrue. looka here:

see? she didn’t always look like eats nothin but vienna sausages and bathes in bong water.

..she does now tho. that blonde hair aint change nunna that :/

amy amy amy
swagger jacked from mrpaparazzi.com.