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internet douchebags revealed: mr. cool ice

from wunderkraut.com

from wunderkraut.com

so every blog entry or article or photo montage of terrible tattoos that ive ever seen has included this guy. his name (clearly) is mr. cool ice. i saw him again today while scrolling through this slideshow and finally decided to google and find out exactly who this jerkwad is.

apparently there’s a video of him out there, talking abt himself and basically explaining the fuckery that covers his body and entire life, by proxy. cept it was in german. this guy got somebody to translate it though, so if you were as curious as i have been, praise the baby moses, cause here’s your answers, you bastards. quick fact sheet:

-he spent over 6 thousand US dollars on that dumb shit. do you know what i could do with 6 thousand US dollars? i could buy 60,000 pieces of penny candy and fill my room with them and jump and dive and swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck used to do. and that would be money far better spent.

-he’s been going by the name ‘mr. cool ice’ for 13 years. my guess is that he adopted it in the days of Vanilla Ice’s reign and really ran with it. that’s about as smart as me getting ‘HD-DVD’ tatted on my ass. that is not always going to be the hot shit, brother, i regret to inform you.

-he’s german. oddly enough, that kind of explains all this for me.

the best thing about this guy’s existance is that his shit-ass name reminds me of the Cool Dr. Money episode on ‘my brother and me.’ lol remember that show? when dee dee got that wack ass haircut?